The Priorities That Keep CMOs Focused

CMOs often have to carry a variety of responsibilities on their shoulders—from data analysis to digital marketing to mapping out the customer experience and more. Juggling it all can often be a challenge, especially when marketing successes are on the … Read more

Optimising the Customer Experience: Conversion Rate Optimisation Part 2

Optimising your customers’ experiences on your website—and your mobile website—is the first step toward creating frictionless customer journeys, and making sure your customers connect personally with your brand. Every time a user bounces from your site, you’ve wasted money. In … Read more

The Future of Experience: New Rules of Engagement

I am delighted to announce that, in collaboration with Goldsmiths University, we have launched ‘The Future of Experience’ report looking at the potential impact of emerging technologies on experiences both on and offline. Over the last ten years, marketing has … Read more

Art, science, and advertising: 2 days at the Cannes Lions 2016

I am just back from two days in Cannes for the 2016 edition of the Lions, the International Festival of Creativity: two days of meetings, discussions, and sun too! In the middle of a week dedicated to creation in all … Read more

Mobile should be the driver for Cross Channel Marketing

Marketers need to address a multitude of different marketing channels and the mobile aspect should really be the driver for a Cross Channel marketing strategy, where the goal is to give consumers a consistent and relevant experience across all devices and media. Unfortunately, only less than one out of ten companies have Mobile as their top priority. Read more

How to offer your customers a consistent, customised cross-channel experience

I recently went to Cross Canal Day, a conference in Paris dedicated to digital marketing. Today, I would like to discuss the presentation I gave there about the importance of cross channel in the customer experience. Since I started working … Read more

The Rebirth of Automotive Sales: 3 Steps to a Brighter Future

Over the past months I’ve been documenting my car-buying journey in an effort to gain first-hand experience of the process and how it can be improved using digital marketing techniques and theories. Most recently I’ve been surprised at the gap … Read more

Adaptability: A Key Characteristic of Today’s Marketers

Adaptation was a strong focus among several of the contributors of our exclusive content on over the last couple of weeks. The world is constantly changing, with new technologies disrupting the status quo and consumer expectations continually evolving. What’s … Read more

Adobe Campaign, the leading cross-channel campaign marketing solution

In today’s digital world, a brand must be able to reach out to all its customers across all its different channels in ways that feel natural, engaging, and, more importantly, consistent. This kind of cross channel marketing approach requires a … Read more

How You Teach Your Data to Tell Its Story – More Relevant Than Ever!

Adobe Summit in London has just closed its doors – but there have been some highlights that deserve to be shared also with those that could not attend in person. One of these definitely was the session about data storytelling. … Read more