Digital Marketing and IT: The Moment Has Come To Work Together

Marketing inevitably continues its metamorphosis into digital marketing and, consequently, adopts new technology. Its application portfolio is filling out, necessitating a larger integration to optimize its effectiveness. In order to continue evolving, digital marketing needs to be able to count … Read more

Connected Customer Experiences Define the New Automotive Industry Customer Experience in 2017

In a way, automotive technology has long served many of the same functions as today’s mobile-first social media. For a century or more, cars have connected people across great distances, making it easy to come together around local events, and … Read more

Digital Transformation Starts with Customer Experience

I attended the interview with Nick Drake, Senior Vice President, Direct to Consumer at T-Mobile and Otto Rosenberger who serves as CMO at the Hostelworld Group at the Adobe Summit. The key take away of the entire session was that … Read more

Tools for Understanding Customers and Driving Revenue

New discoveries in science and technology are constantly giving marketers a much-needed boost by making available tools that help marketers better understand their customers, the journey they’re on, and how to create experiences that will keep them coming back. Customers … Read more

Automotive Industry State of the Union

Over the last year, I’ve been documenting my own personal car-buying experience within the context of other consumer experiences. Now I’d like to take a step back and provide sort of a ‘State of the Union’ for the automotive industry … Read more

Digital Transformation and Customer-Driven Marketing

Technology is everywhere, and it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. As consumers learn to adapt to new and innovative technologies, CMOs are faced with the challenge of keeping up with changing customer expectations. Several of our contributors on … Read more

Connecting In-Store and Online Retail Experiences

The main challenge now is to connect the online and in-store customer experiences. Although e-commerce has grown, the retail store is still king. Customers want to visit the store and try the products for themselves. Online customer experiences have more … Read more

Where do Chatbots Fit for Retailers?

Over the last few years, chatbots have started to make their presence felt throughout the digital marketing ecosystem. The retail industry has been as excited as any to experiment with this new technology, with the hope that the convenience these … Read more

TUI: Simplifying the pursuit of leisure

The world’s leading integrated tourism group gives customers unmatched experiences before, during, and after their vacations. TUI Group uses its portfolio of tour operators, travel agents, airlines, and cruise ships—as well as its digital communications channels—to make every journey special … Read more

Retailers Share Strategic Priorities and Exciting Prospects in New Report

How are retail brands tackling their biggest challenges in 2017? What are their priorities for the year, and what are looking forward to in the near future? A recently launched report from Econsultancy and Adobe, Digital Retail Trends in 2017, … Read more