UK Snapshot: Digital playing catch up to old school advertising

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Brands have spent decades mastering the art of traditional advertising and are struggling to realise the potential from digital ads, according to the UK findings of our Click Here: State of Online Advertising research launched today. 70% of consumers said

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Big Data: Friend or Foe?


That was the topic of yesterday’s #BigDataChat, a live online discussion hosted by the Guardian, exploring the relationship between Big Data and digital marketing. If you missed it, here is a quick wrap-up. Our  own Jamie Brighton, Product Marketing Manager

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Marketing Minutes with Le Web’s Loïc Le Meur

Marketing Minutes with Loic Le Meur

In this edition of Marketing Minutes, LeWeb founder Loïc Le Meur discusses the conference’s next theme, The New Sharing Economy and how businesses are adapting for this new economic model. Loïc highlights some great examples of how the changing economic climate has

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What do you actually want from social media? Figure it out with the “Like-Cycle”

Like cycle

Social media is still a young industry, says Jeremy Waite, Adobe’s head of social strategy for EMEA. He’s right. A few years ago many of us were only dabbling with MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. Now we have even more social

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Digital marketers, what are you using social media for?


We wanted to know – what are you using social media for in your digital marketing? So, we asked: #twitpoll What are you using twitter for as a digital marketer: A) Brand awarenessB) Lead generationC) Customer serviceD) Driving sales —

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Is Social Media Becoming the Cocktail Party from Hell?

Two weeks ago an interesting opinion piece in the NY Times by Maureen Dowd suggested that “social media has become the cocktail party from hell… with the flood of information jeopardizing meaning”. It caught my attention when I first read

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Are we nearly there yet? The journey from Content Management to Customer Experience Management

Are we there yet?

I feel your pain, fellow marketers, for I have just spent a weekend battling holiday traffic to get to the beach hearing the inevitable question “Are we nearly there yet?” from the back of the car every few minutes. The

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 27% of marketers say that managing websites is hell

Adobe & Econsultancy QDIB WCM

We worked with Econsultancy to survey more than 1,000 business professionals (including marketing, web development and other business departments) across the globe on the topic of web content management (WCM), and found that 27% say managing websites is hell! Do

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It’s time to embrace the mobile revolution

Mobile share of new page likes, January 2012 – April 2013. Adobe Digital Index: The State of Mobile Benchmark

Digital marketers need to understand how mobile has changed the way consumers interact with information and businesses. Think about this for a moment: how has mobile technology changed the way you live your life and consume information? There are reports

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Adobe Summit Day Two: Digital Marketers Need to be Risk Takers

Adobe Summit

The past two days, Adobe Summit has had more than 12,000 mentions on social media. Attendees were busy tweeting their favourite quotes, inspirations and sessions throughout the conference. Adobe VP Strategy and Business Development, John Mellor, kicked off day two

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