Adobe & Neolane: Under the Hood

When Adobe announced its intent to acquire Paris-based Neolane in June, Gleanster Research ana­lyst Ian Michaels wrote, “… it’s real­ly what’s under the hood that counts, and Adobe just bought a Fer­rari.” This week, we final­ly brought our Fer­rari home. Wel­come Neolane! … Read more

The switch is on: Google AdWords moves to Enhanced Campaigns

Today mar­keters will see one of the most fun­da­men­tal changes to paid search adver­tis­ing since the intro­duc­tion of AdSense. Google AdWords moves over to the Enhanced Cam­paigns for­mat, com­plete­ly over­haul­ing how adver­tis­ers tar­get searchers based on their device, loca­tion and … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Alain Heureux

The IAB’s Medi­as­cope Europe research reports cov­er 28 mar­kets and have more than 50,000 con­sumer reviews. What key insight has the research found for brands? “Become more dig­i­­tal-cen­tric” says IAB Europe Chair­man Alain Heureux. We sat down with Heureux for … Read more

The Royal Baby: Predictions from the Twittersphere

With only days (or hours) to go until the roy­al birth, we won­dered if social media could pre­dict the gen­der of the roy­al baby and their name. Using Adobe Social we pulled Twit­ter data from the last thir­ty days in … Read more

Twitter’s new ads experiment: cookies and CRM

Twit­ter is cur­rent­ly test­ing an excit­ing devel­op­ment in Twit­ter ads in the US – the abil­i­ty to tar­get ads with cook­ies and CRM data. Mar­keters already use this fea­ture on Face­book, Google, Ama­zon and many oth­er web­sites, but this is … Read more

Targeting and optimisation increases conversion and we have the proof

We asked more than 1,800 dig­i­tal mar­keters about their tar­get­ing and opti­mi­sa­tion strat­e­gy and how it impacts their results. Where mar­keters were using tar­get­ed con­tent they saw an increase in con­ver­sion, but we also found out that 87% of mar­keters … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Viacom’s Christian Kurz

In the lat­est Mar­ket­ing Min­utes  video, we sat down with Viacom’s VP of Research, Chris­t­ian Kurz, to talk about mil­len­ni­als (age 9 -30). It turns out mil­len­ni­als around the world have a lot more in com­mon than any pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion … Read more

#Hashtags, hashtags everywhere!

In 2007, Chris Messi­na could nev­er have pre­dict­ed his lit­tle hash­tag idea would spread like wild­fire from Twit­ter, to Insta­gram, tum­blr, Pin­ter­est and now Face­book. In an announce­ment last night Face­book said “…hash­tags will be click­able on Face­book…  allow you … Read more

Click Here: Adobe research shows marketers are missing the digital mark

Between pop-ups, ban­ners, search, video, social, page takeovers, and more, con­sumers are see­ing more ads than ever to sup­port their favourite web-based pas­times. Turns out 60% of con­sumers in the UK, France and Ger­many agree that online ads are annoy­ing. … Read more

UK Snapshot: Digital playing catch up to old school advertising

Brands have spent decades mas­ter­ing the art of tra­di­tion­al adver­tis­ing and are strug­gling to realise the poten­tial from dig­i­tal ads, accord­ing to the UK find­ings of our Click Here: State of Online Adver­tis­ing research launched today. 70% of con­sumers said … Read more