A guide to the Personalisation & Optimisation track at Adobe Summit EMEA 2014

13408690564_c18b28f1e9_zIt’s nearly time for Adobe Summit EMEA 2014, and if you’re a veteran of previous Summits (this is my eighth) or you’re coming to your first one this year, you’ll want to maximise the number of breakout sessions you attend and make sure you see and learn about the things that are relevant for you and your business. As the curator of the Personalisation & Optimisation sessions, I gave a quick overview in this video, but because I think we’ve got a really well balanced, informative and entertaining track and I want to take this opportunity to make the case for why you should spend some of your time at Summit in our breakouts.

There are nine sessions and I’ve grouped them into three types Theory, Best Practice and Technical.

Best Practice
Our best practice sessions draw on the expertise of our clients, consultants and partners to share insights on what they’ve found to work in the real world.

Our Director of Product Marketing for Target, Kevin Lindsay, will be leading a session titled “Transform your digital strategy with always on optimisation” and he’ll be joined by two of the Digital Optimisation team from Royal Philips. this session will cover three main themes: getting the business to understand their optimisation priorities based on agreed-upon goals and KPIs, knowing how to start and where to focus and finally knowing when to automate; in other words, when and how can technology pick up where the human marketer leaves off?
Transform your digital strategy with always-on optimisation, Wednesday 14th May, 1:30pm – 2:15pm

Ray Pun, Adobe’s Mobile Services lead, will be presenting on location based approaches to app development and marketing in the session “Location, location, location! Effective mobile targeting in an app-centric world”. He’ll also be hosting a panel in the session with Deloitte Digital and Danske Supermarked to discuss their approaches to app optimisation and the opportunities that are made available through location services such as geo-location and iBeacon-based targeting.
Location, location, location! Effective mobile targeting in an app-centric world, Thursday 15th May, 11:20am – 12:05pm

Analytics is the backbone of many organisations’ digital success. So what happens when you embrace analytics and use it as a driving force for your optimisation program? Giles Richardson from Royal Bank of Scotland and Chris Akhurst from Adobe will be looking at this and talking about how detailed insights can help to prioritise your optimisation activities and improve KPIs in “The power of analytics-driven optimisation”. 
The power of analytics-driven optimisation, Thursday 15th May, 3:30pm – 4:15pm

The theory sessions take a step back and look at all of the things that you need to consider when putting optimisation and personalisation strategies in place.

In “Driving personalisation across your customer’s journey”, I’ll be taking a look at the broad range of ways that organisations can take control of the customer lifecycle and ensure that at each stage, consumers receive relevant, engaging and personalised experiences. The session talks through the various approaches to personalisation and gives examples of brands that are already making personalisation work for them.
Driving personalisation across your customer’s journey, Wednesday 14th May, 11.30am – 12.15pm

One of the best attended and received sessions that we ran last year was on the theme of the optimisation organisation. This year we’ll be addressing a similar question in the session “How does your optimisation program measure up?” and we have a panel of experts from Adobe, Aviva, Danske Supermarked and the agency DBI, that will debate the best ways to build an optimisation program and evangelise its value and success, among other topics.
How does your optimisation program measure up? Wednesday 14th May, 3.45pm – 4.30pm

In “Maximising your marketing impact in the B2B world”, two of Adobe’s consultants will look at a mixture of theory and best practice when it come to content marketing – what it is and how to do it – as well as how the most effective B2B sites drive offline sales with site-drive marketing.
Maximising your marketing impact in the B2B world, Wednesday 14th May, 2.30pm – 3.15pm

The technical sessions take us both hands on and under the covers, to see exactly how the tools can be used for optimisation and what’s happening behind the scenes with the modelling and data engines that drive our personalisation solutions.

In “Mathematic modelling matters in last millisecond targeting”, Pradeep Javangula, Adobe’s Head of Engineering for the Adobe Target solution, and Daniel Sheinberg, Head of Product Management for Adobe Target, will explain how Adobe Target solves personalisation pitfalls with automated behavioural targeting and recommendations, and how the mathematical models are constantly being improved to deliver the right experience at the right time to your audience – these are definitely the right guys for the job!
Mathematic modelling matters in last millisecond targeting, Thursday 15th May, 2.15pm – 3.00pm

Andrew Hawkins of Adobe and Nicolas Meriel from Swisscom will be taking us through “The big reveal: Testing and targeting simplified with Adobe Target”. In this session they’ll be demonstrating how optimisation and targeting personalised experiences is doesn’t have to be hard and showing specifically how this is done with Adobe Target. Nicolas is a long-time user of the Adobe optimisation solutions and has a vast amount of valuable knowledge and expertise to share.
The big reveal: Testing and targeting simplified with Adobe Target, Thursday 15th May, 1.15pm – 2.00pm

Our final session will very interesting to those attendees that wish to learn more about the Adobe Marketing Cloud Shared Profile that we recently announced (and that you’ll be hearing a lot more about at the event). Join our evangelist Gina Casagrande, and Product Manager Dave McNamee as they ask “Are you talking to me? Using robust audience profiles for personalisation”. You learn how how the Shared Profile is architected and how to leverage your online and offline data for advanced personalisation and targeting strategies.
Are you talking to me? Using robust audience profiles for personalisation, Thursday 15th May, 3:30pm – 4:15pm

You can view the complete list of Personalisation & Optimisation sessions here and we’ll soon have an app for Android and iOS that you can download and then use to mark the sessions you’re going to attend as favourites. Hopefully there’s something for everyone in track and I’m really looking forward to welcoming you to Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 and hearing about your own optimisation experiences and questions – remember that networking and meeting other digital marketers with similar challenges is one of the great benefits of the event.

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