Digital Advertising at Adobe Summit: Social Media

Social media is on the ascendancy, but marketers are still struggling to understand the value and the role that the channel plays in their wider efforts. Social advertising is also becoming more important, as social networks start to lean towards paid amplification of content, and away from organic reach.

Is social a viable channel for direct response advertising? “Generating positive revenue results through social advertising” hosted by Adobe’s Milena Krasteva will take a hard look at the opportunities available through social advertising. Milena manages product development for the social ads part of the Adobe Media Optimizer solution, and possesses a detailed knowledge of social ad programmes. Joining her to highlight the latest developments from the world’s largest social network, is Facebook’s Ed Couchman.
Generating positive revenue results through social advertising, 11:30am, Wednesday, 14th May

Facebook Graph Search and Google Plus are two examples of how the worlds of search and social are colliding. Smart marketers can understand how to take advantage of this in “The convergence of search and social: cross-channel opportunities”. I’ll join Marc Blinder, Director of Social Marketing at Adobe, to show how search and social teams can collaborate, and what that means for shared goals, technology and organisational structure.
The convergence of search and social: cross-channel opportunities, 1.30pm, Wednesday, 14th May


Johnny Devitt

The growth of ad products and formats seems to be accelerating across every social network. To help figure out which are the ones to pay attention to, attend “The 11 hottest social ad types of 2014”. Johnny Devitt, Betfair’s Head of Marketing Platforms & Data, aided by Russell Smith, Senior Account Manager, Adobe, will step through the best performing ad types and how to make the most of them.
The 11 hottest social ad types of 2014, 11:20am, Thursday, 15th May

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