Digital marketers, what are you using social media for?

We wanted to know – what are you using social media for in your digital marketing? So, we asked:


The results were mixed, but seem to point to the same end result – more customers! The votes across Twitter and Facebook were almost evenly split between brand awareness and lead gen, with a little bit of customer service thrown in for good measure.

Like twitter user Cognytics Analytics said:


Whether your aim is brand awareness, lead generation, customer service or sales, social media needs to be managed and measured. Social has become an ever important part of almost any business and digital marketers need to make sure social is measurable and manageable within their wider marketing and business plans.

We recently published a report, in association with Econsultancy, where we asked more than 650 marketing agencies about this very topic. Nearly 70% of respondents believed social media needs to be more rooted in data, but less than 25% said they are leveraging social data to optimise their marketing strategies. Strange – we know how important the data is, but we aren’t using it?

Maybe the term “big data” is scaring us away? You can see the impact of your social media efforts, and it’s easily done within some content management systems. The trick is integrating your social data into the wider business; you need to map your social media activities to business goals. If you want to increase sales as a business, then show how your social media campaigns drove users to the sales portals.

Knowing what data you need, and why, will make aligning business and social KPIs that much easier.

We also found that fewer than 1 in 5 companies have a central platform for social media management and analysis – yikes!

There’s no blanket solution for every business, so if you need some further reading to figure out yours, take a look at this Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Managing and Measuring Social.

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