Social Marketing at Adobe Summit EMEA 2015

The first few months of the year are often met with a refreshing outlook and are viewed by many as a great opportunity to reinvent oneself, as Nina Simone once sang; “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and a new life for me, and I’m feeling good!” As 2015 gets into full swing and spring is upon us it can only mean one thing, it’s #AdobeSummit time!

This year’s Adobe Digital Marketing Summit is centered around the theme of Reinvention and invites all of it’s attendees to share and explore how Adobe and thousands of other businesses’ are reinventing themselves each day to stay tuned to the every changing landscape of digital marketing and stay one step ahead of future trends.

Held in the heart of London, our annual digital marketing conference boasts over 135 sessions, all designed to help marketers connect with customers and each other. Around 5,000 digital leaders will be there this year, making Adobe Summit one of the largest conferences of its kind.

Social Marketing track

For our Social track this year we’ve stayed true to the overall theme, The Journey of Reinvention, to bring you some fantastic sessions, keynotes and panels that’ll be both inspirational and informative, allowing you to connect with some of the leading innovators and professionals in the industry.

Social networking is the number one consumer activity on the web and an increasingly important layer across marketing channels and campaigns, yet many marketers admit that social efforts are still difficult to manage and measure. Learn about key practices necessary to capitalize on this evolving space, and walk away with tangible strategies for creating a social marketing practice tied to real, quantifiable business returns. Not just for social marketers, this track is designed to help all marketing departments identify how to measure the impact of social efforts, integrate and activate social content across marketing campaigns, and use rich social data to optimize marketing communications across the customer journey.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the sessions and guest speakers:

Why social content is (still) king and how to get it right

As your audience interacts with more and more branded social content, they demand a lot more from social content marketers in terms of relevance, engagement, and quality. Learn how marketers are evolving their content strategy to respond to real-time situations, anticipate and organically join conversations, and lead storytelling in an authentic way. Explore the tactics and tools that drive these strategies and the results that prove its effectiveness

Join Simon Nicholson, Social Media Manager for Adobe EMEA, Becks Moring from Adobe Social, David Isherwood, Global Social Media Manager for Renault & Fearghal O’Connor from YouTube as we dive deeper into how content is still king of the social landscape

Measuring social engagement in hard numbers

Social marketers have a huge challenge in delivering compelling content to increasingly savvy audiences, and with more content than ever on social channels it’s difficult to gain and hold people’s attention. At the same time we have organizations with many users, many social channels and a lot of content. So how do we manage this? How do we win?

Sony PlayStation have faced this challenge head on and together with Adobe are here to tell the story of how they did it and share advice, tips and frameworks to help you and your organization do the same.

For this session we welcome Roberto Kusabbi, Senior Social Community Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe who joins Adobe Social’s Jack Ashman as they look at social engagement in hard numbers

Social ROI all-star panel: Lessons from the front lines

With all the challenges facing social marketers today—platform proliferation, audience fragmentation, ever more complex content and scale needs—measuring the ROI and effectiveness of social marketing efforts still tops our customers’ 2015 priorities, as it should. You need to understand what’s working to prove the value of what you do and to do more of it. This panel brings together customers from across industries that are using social data to demonstrate value against real business metrics, enrich customer understanding and audience segmentation, and optimize marketing efforts

This fantastic panel will explore Social ROI from every angle with excellent guest speakers including our very own Emma Wilkinson, Head of Communications & Social EMEA at Adobe, Davey Strachan, Senior Business Analyst at Shell & Gareth Davies, Head of Digital & Social at BSkyB, hosted by Adobe Social’s Simon Thompson

Tell me what you want, what you really really want

Creating a great customer experience is so much more than responding to angry customers after they’ve already had a horrible experience. Customers tell companies what they want – and don’t want – with everything from subtle hints to angry demands. A customer tweeting at you is an opportunity, but at what point is that opportunity lost? Twitter data helps you understand what your customers want at a macro level and enables you to surprise and delight them at a micro level.

Featuring Carmen Sutter, Product Manager for Adobe Social alongside Gemma Proctor & Joana Geary from Twitter’s Research, Government & News teams

See you at EMEA Summit! Visit the EMEA Summit website to book your sessions now.

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