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Advertisers take note, tablet traffic is a gift for 2014

Once again, tablets seemed to be the present of choice for loved ones this Christ­mas, with many going online in the morn­ing to play with their new device.  In just one day, in the UK, we saw the tablet click share … Read more

Facebook Ads: Top 5 creative ways to achieve higher CTR

The pres­ence of peo­ple, choice of back­ground colours and even prod­uct angling all con­tribute to the effec­tive­ness of your Face­book ads, accord­ing to our lat­est research. We analysed over 1,700 Face­book ad images used by adver­tis­ers from across Europe, the … Read more

Adobe & Neolane: Under the Hood

When Adobe announced its intent to acquire Paris-based Neolane in June, Gleanster Research ana­lyst Ian Michaels wrote, “… it’s real­ly what’s under the hood that counts, and Adobe just bought a Fer­rari.” This week, we final­ly brought our Fer­rari home. Wel­come Neolane! … Read more

The switch is on: Google AdWords moves to Enhanced Campaigns

Today mar­keters will see one of the most fun­da­men­tal changes to paid search adver­tis­ing since the intro­duc­tion of AdSense. Google AdWords moves over to the Enhanced Cam­paigns for­mat, com­plete­ly over­haul­ing how adver­tis­ers tar­get searchers based on their device, loca­tion and … Read more