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Social Marketing at Adobe Summit EMEA 2015

The first few months of the year are often met with a refreshing outlook and are viewed by many as a great opportunity to reinvent oneself, as Nina Simone once sang; “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and a new life for me, and I’m feeling good!” As 2015 gets into full swing and spring is upon us it can only mean one thing, it’s #AdobeSummit time!

This year’s Adobe Digital Marketing Summit is centered around the theme of Reinvention and invites all of it’s attendees to share and explore how Adobe and thousands of other businesses’ are reinventing themselves each day to stay tuned to the every changing landscape of digital marketing and stay one step ahead of future trends.

Held in the heart of London, our annual digital marketing conference boasts over 135 sessions, all designed to help marketers connect with customers and each other. Around 5,000 digital leaders will be there this year, making Adobe Summit one of the largest conferences of its kind.

Social Marketing track

For our Social track this year we’ve stayed true to the overall theme, The Journey of Reinvention, to bring you some fantastic sessions, keynotes and panels that’ll be both inspirational and informative, allowing you to connect with some of the leading innovators and professionals in the industry.

Social networking is the number one consumer activity on the web and an increasingly important layer across marketing channels and campaigns, yet many marketers admit that social efforts are still difficult to manage and measure. Learn about key practices necessary to capitalize on this evolving space, and walk away with tangible strategies for creating a social marketing practice tied to real, quantifiable business returns. Not just for social marketers, this track is designed to help all marketing departments identify how to measure the impact of social efforts, integrate and activate social content across marketing campaigns, and use rich social data to optimize marketing communications across the customer journey.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the sessions and guest speakers:

Why social content is (still) king and how to get it right

As your audience interacts with more and more branded social content, they demand a lot more from social content marketers in terms of relevance, engagement, and quality. Learn how marketers are evolving their content strategy to respond to real-time situations, anticipate and organically join conversations, and lead storytelling in an authentic way. Explore the tactics and tools that drive these strategies and the results that prove its effectiveness

Join Simon Nicholson, Social Media Manager for Adobe EMEA, Becks Moring from Adobe Social, David Isherwood, Global Social Media Manager for Renault & Fearghal O’Connor from YouTube as we dive deeper into how content is still king of the social landscape

Measuring social engagement in hard numbers

Social marketers have a huge challenge in delivering compelling content to increasingly savvy audiences, and with more content than ever on social channels it’s difficult to gain and hold people’s attention. At the same time we have organizations with many users, many social channels and a lot of content. So how do we manage this? How do we win?

Sony PlayStation have faced this challenge head on and together with Adobe are here to tell the story of how they did it and share advice, tips and frameworks to help you and your organization do the same.

For this session we welcome Roberto Kusabbi, Senior Social Community Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe who joins Adobe Social’s Jack Ashman as they look at social engagement in hard numbers

Social ROI all-star panel: Lessons from the front lines

With all the challenges facing social marketers today—platform proliferation, audience fragmentation, ever more complex content and scale needs—measuring the ROI and effectiveness of social marketing efforts still tops our customers’ 2015 priorities, as it should. You need to understand what’s working to prove the value of what you do and to do more of it. This panel brings together customers from across industries that are using social data to demonstrate value against real business metrics, enrich customer understanding and audience segmentation, and optimize marketing efforts

This fantastic panel will explore Social ROI from every angle with excellent guest speakers including our very own Emma Wilkinson, Head of Communications & Social EMEA at Adobe, Davey Strachan, Senior Business Analyst at Shell & Gareth Davies, Head of Digital & Social at BSkyB, hosted by Adobe Social’s Simon Thompson

Tell me what you want, what you really really want

Creating a great customer experience is so much more than responding to angry customers after they’ve already had a horrible experience. Customers tell companies what they want – and don’t want – with everything from subtle hints to angry demands. A customer tweeting at you is an opportunity, but at what point is that opportunity lost? Twitter data helps you understand what your customers want at a macro level and enables you to surprise and delight them at a micro level.

Featuring Carmen Sutter, Product Manager for Adobe Social alongside Gemma Proctor & Joana Geary from Twitter’s Research, Government & News teams

See you at EMEA Summit! Visit the EMEA Summit website to book your sessions now.

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Proud to be hybris ISV Partner of the Year: Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe is a company rich with strategic partnerships across both our Digital Media and Digital Marketing businesses. And, because of our deep investment in Adobe’s partner ecosystem and the joint mission we all share for customers, we are always honoured to receive our own partner praise.

Recently, hybris, an SAP company and the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform provider, named Adobe its independent software vendor (ISV) Partner of the Year, and we couldn’t be happier!

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Along with several key integrations between Adobe Marketing Cloud and hybris Commerce Suite in 2013, Adobe’s Marketing Cloud influenced more than $25 million USD in global hybris license revenue for the year.

hybris Commerce Suite customers can benefit from an integration with Adobe Analytics via a unique combination of real-time analytics across online and offline marketing channels, which in turn helps companies identify the path customers take to make a purchase—or alternately where they fall off and do not complete the transaction.

hybris customers can also benefit from Adobe Experience Manager, which gives customers a single platform to manage the entire shopping experience. Joint customers can use streamlined content authoring, management, content delivery, and optimization capabilities to quickly adapt web and mobile merchandising to the dynamic demands of the consumer.

Thanks to our partnership with hybris, marketers are better able to create the consistent and relevant shopping experiences we all desire as consumers—regardless of what device or channel we are visiting.

Thanks, hybris. We’re looking forward to continuing this journey in 2014 and beyond!


Early-Bird Discount Extended to March 14 for Adobe Summit EMEA: The Digital Marketing Conference


With just two months left before Europe’s largest digital marketing conference hits London, we’ve decided to extend the Early-Bird Registration discount to Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 (May 14-15 at ICC ExCel) for another two weeks!

Now until March 14, marketers can take advantage of a special £575/€685 early-bird offer on a full, two-day conference registration, saving you £150/€180 or 20%. Special discounts between 25-40% are also available for groups—see our Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 page for more.

Today, we’re also announcing the addition of a new “Digital Marketing Operations” track to our 2014 conference line-up. As your organisation evolves on its digital marketing journey, you will need to employ increasingly complete strategies and processes that touch every part of your business. This means the new marketer now more than ever will have to work closer with other departments and have a fuller appreciation of issues in legal, operations and IT. In the Digital Marketing Operations track, you will learn from Adobe experts and customer thought leaders as they share their marketing operations strategies and techniques.

Summit EMEA 2014 will assemble thousands of marketers and advertisers to discover best practices around marketing analytics, media optimisation, social marketing, and audience targeting. Keynote and inspirational speakers will examine the latest trends impacting marketers today, as well as the evolution of the digital marketing landscape and its role in our world.

Check out the full list of keynote speakers and stay connected to all the need-to-know details through our channels below.

Do you now what your marketing is doing? Don’t worry. Adobe can help. @MarkPhibbs

Stay Connected – Summit 2014 Social Media Channels

Summit EMEA 2014: The Digital Marketing Conference—Secure Your Spot!


Marketers today are facing more pressure than ever before. Digital media has completely reinvented the ways in which consumers engage with brands, seek information, and ultimately make their buying decisions—in turn forcing marketers to entirely transform the ways in which they plan, execute and track their marketing campaigns.

And research shows digital marketers are hungry—hungry for more education, knowledge-sharing and inspiration around the latest marketing strategies. As pressure increases to prove ROI on marketing spend, the lack of formal digital marketing training is starting to take a toll.

Adobe Summit EMEA, Europe’s premiere digital marketing conference, aims to target exactly these needs, and the conference’s year-over-year double-digit growth in attendance is a clear indicator that the digital marketing community continues to yearn for more.

I’m excited to announce that Summit EMEA 2014 has launched—and now is the time to secure your spot among thousands of marketers and advertisers to discover best practices around marketing analytics, media optimization, social marketing, cross-channel campaign management, audience targeting, and more. Attendees to the two-day event at the ICC ExCEL in London, May 14-15, will benefit from an impressive lineup of industry luminaries, partners, analysts and keynote speakers including Jez Frampton, group CEO of Interbrand; Pete Blackshaw, global head of digital marketing and social media for Nestlé; Dietmar Dahmen, chief innovation officer of; Catherine Barba, founder of the CB Group; Kam Star, chief play officer of PlayGen; David Cooperstein, VP, research director of Forrester; David Cox, chief medical officer of Headspace; David Edelman, principal at McKinsey & Company; Ann Lewnes, CMO of Adobe; and Brad Rencher, SVP and GM of Digital Marketing for Adobe—just to name a few!

Attendees will also benefit from immersion in more than 80 breakout sessions on “must have” digital marketing skills, industry trends, and driving business results—as well as hands-on workshops offered by Adobe Training Services (pre-conference) that will provide detailed training on specified Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

Special early bird pricing, ending March 2, is available and will save you £150/€180 on a full price 2-day conference registration. Special team and group offers are also available; see our Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 page.

Take a look. Do you know what your marketing is out there doing? Sign up for Summit EMEA today.


Adobe & Neolane: Under the Hood

When Adobe announced its intent to acquire Paris-based Neolane in June, Gleanster Research analyst Ian Michaels wrote, “… it’s really what’s under the hood that counts, and Adobe just bought a Ferrari.” This week, we finally brought our Ferrari home. Welcome Neolane!

Adobe has done a great job building a world-class Marketing Cloud platform with our five solutions: Analytics, Target, Social, Experience Manager, and Media Optimizer—but we understood that marketers needed something more. They needed help delivering highly personal experiences across any channel and device within milliseconds. They needed help answering their CEO when asked, “How is our marketing budget paying off?” In addition, they needed help managing the sophisticated automation and execution of thousands of campaigns a year across web, email, social, mobile, call center, direct mail, point of sale (POS), and other emerging channels.

Enter Neolane, with one, unified cross-channel campaign management tool to the rescue.

As our sixth Marketing Cloud solution, Neolane technology will become an integrated part of all other solutions, aggregating data from the other five and making it actionable across any channel. We believe this creates the most powerful Marketing Cloud in the industry for delivering rich, personalized experiences to consumers across channels and devices, and in giving one unified view to marketers—not to mention more answers around highly measurable marketing returns. Many customers already rely on both Adobe and Neolane, and I look forward enabling them to further benefit from our united technologies.

In recent weeks, I’ve had opportunity to know the Neolane founders and EMEA team a bit better, and I can honestly say that we couldn’t have chosen a better group of humans to do business with. Adobe has strong start-up roots, with a long history of combining organic innovation with key acquisitions to deliver the most robust set of solutions for digital marketers today. We’ve been at this a long time, beginning with Omniture in 2009 and followed by Day Software in 2010, Demdex and Auditude in 2011, and Efficient Frontier in 2012. And with each acquisition, our focus on integrating both technology and culture alike into Adobe’s family is key to the long-term success and richness of our customer offerings. There is considerable synergy with Neolane, and I look forward to helping build impact for our customers with the EMEA and global teams.

Adobe’s SVP and GM of Digital Marketing, Brad Rencher, shared some great thoughts on this Neolane acquisition from Adobe’s own partners and customers. Be sure to check them out.

I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished thus far, and look forward to providing more updates on our Digital Marketing plans, challenges and successes in the months to come. Stay tuned. @mrzablan


Is Social Media Becoming the Cocktail Party from Hell?

Two weeks ago an interesting opinion piece in the NY Times by Maureen Dowd suggested that “social media has become the cocktail party from hell… with the flood of information jeopardizing meaning”. It caught my attention when I first read it, but since I’ve heard it cited a few times since, I thought I’d add my 2 cents.

Let’s look at how social media has changed everyone’s lives:

  • 1.1bn people are now on Facebook, with an average of 140 friends
  • 665m Facebook users are active every day
  • 189m Facebook users only use it on mobile (with some reports saying that users now check their mobile on average 150 times per day)
  • 400m Tweets are sent every day
  • 90% of the world’s data has been produced in the last 2 years
  • The amount of data created every 48 hours is to the scale of all data collated from the beginning of time until 2003

Needless to say that is a lot of noise. If you’ve ever read Nate Silver’s fantastic book “The Signal and the Noise” (if you haven’t you should), then you may also agree that whilst the amount of noise being created on a daily basis is increasing exponentially, the amount of useful information is probably not.

Therein lies the root of the problem. The growth of all this data is also the reason why journalists suck, as Dowd suggests, and that social media may have become “the cocktail party from hell”.

It’s a great analogy because for a long time social marketers have been saying that social media is like a cocktail party and you need to work the room. In my opinion, the sentiment still rings as true as it ever has. Wouldn’t you rather talk to someone interesting, polite and takes the time to listen to you – rather than someone who is loud, obnoxious and tries to sell themselves? Brands are no different. They do need talk to their customers on their social media channels as if they are at a cocktail party.

The issue here isn’t that social media is losing all meaning; it’s simply that it is more difficult than ever to filter out what you actually want to hear from all the noise. Marketers have had this problem for years. I remember being in brand communications in the late 90s when journalists were saying advertising was becoming meaningless because we were exposed to over 10,000 advertising messages every day. The goalposts may have moved but the issues and the problems remain the same. Luckily there is a solution.

Adobe Social tracks over 10 million blogs, forums and social networks for many of the largest brands in the world (NFL, Disney, Levi’s) in order to help them make sense of all this noise. Brands that I regularly speak to may have millions of mentions of their brand each day, but only need to respond to a few thousand of the most relevant conversations. Hundreds of people may be talking about your brand, but only 50 may actually be driving sales or traffic to your website. It is important for brands – especially the ones with small teams and even smaller budgets – to be able to make sense of all this data in a meaningful way. They can then deliver data to the business in a way that is going to help them achieve their objectives.

Sales pitch over! But the ray of hope I offer to you is Duane Munn. You may never have heard of him, but he is the superstar social media manager of the NFL, and he uses Adobe Social. What is most impressive about Munn is that whilst he manages a huge global presence for the NFL and its 32 teams, he does it all on his own (without hundreds of community managers, social media execs or assistants). One man! He doesn’t wear his underpants outside his trousers or have any special super powers, but he does use some very smart software to help him make sense of everything happening in social media. When you can make sense of what everyone is saying amongst all that noise, it makes the cocktail party a pretty nice place to be.


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