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The Practical Side of Marketing: The Hands-On Labs Track at Adobe Summit

Great mar­ket­ing isn’t just about theory—it’s equal­ly about the nuts and bolts of exe­cu­tion. That’s why each year, in addi­tion to the break­outs and sem­i­nars, we also run Hands-On Labs where you can dive into the prac­ti­cal side of mar­ket­ing, … Read more

Optimising the Customer Experience: Conversion Rate Optimisation Part 2

Opti­mis­ing your cus­tomers’ expe­ri­ences on your website—and your mobile website—is the first step toward cre­at­ing fric­tion­less cus­tomer jour­neys, and mak­ing sure your cus­tomers con­nect per­son­al­ly with your brand. Every time a user bounces from your site, you’ve wast­ed mon­ey. In … Read more

Adobe Summit EMEA Winners of WhichTestWon Contest

I con­fess that I absolute­ly love to dis­cov­er how cus­tomers use Adobe Tar­get to per­son­alise and opti­mise their web and mobile sites and mobile apps. To get a glimpse into what our cus­tomers are doing with Adobe Tar­get, we recent­ly … Read more

Personalisation Technology: Automated Personalisation

So, your busi­ness has adopt­ed per­son­al­i­sa­tion, and you’re on the path to cre­at­ing new bonds with your con­sumers by under­stand­ing their pref­er­ences and desires on the macro scale. That’s excel­­lent- even a small invest­ment in the world of per­son­al­i­sa­tion can … Read more

EMEA Optimisation Webinar Series

This year we’ve start­ed run­ning a series of webi­na­rs focused on dig­i­tal opti­mi­sa­tion, and I’ve decid­ed to use the Dig­i­tal Europe blog as a home for the record­ings of these ses­sions. Each time we host a new one I’ll add … Read more

Personalisation Technology: Testing & Optimisation

Last time I began this series on what to look for in per­son­al­i­sa­tion and opti­mi­sa­tion tech­nol­o­gy with my Per­son­al­i­sa­tion Tech­nol­o­gy Man­i­festo. Now I’m going to look at each of the items in the man­i­festo – the tech­nol­o­gy promis­es – and expand … Read more

Summit EMEA 2014: The Digital Marketing Conference—Secure Your Spot!

Mar­keters today are fac­ing more pres­sure than ever before. Dig­i­tal media has com­plete­ly rein­vent­ed the ways in which con­sumers engage with brands, seek infor­ma­tion, and ulti­mate­ly make their buy­ing decisions—in turn forc­ing mar­keters to entire­ly trans­form the ways in which … Read more