Why AI holds the key to relevance and personalisation

Get Ready For the Adobe Experience Festival

Five Ways Technology Can Drive Content Velocity



illycaffè: The Family-Run Coffee Brand with a Global Punch

Hear about llycaffè‘s aims for its dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion.

Customer Success

Adobe integriert Photoshop-inspirierte Funktionalität in die Datenanalyse der Customer Journey

Ab sofort unter­stützt Adobe Marken mit der neuen Cus­tomer Jour­ney Ana­lyt­ics in Adobe Ana­lyt­ics. Die Funk­tion nutzt die leis­tungsstarke Adobe Expe­ri­ence Plat­form, die Kun­den­dat­en aus dem gesamten Unternehmen zusam­men­fügt und neue kreative Wege bietet, um Erken­nt­nisse aus Online‑, Offline- und Drit­tkanälen in Echtzeit zu ver­ste­hen.


Generation Z: the most willing to share data with brands, but only for a good experience

Across the Gen­er­a­tions


Adobe Helps Lufthansa Lift Customer Experience of lh.com to New Heights

Delight­ing cus­tomers with per­son­alised expe­ri­ences.

Customer Success

Christmas in July: Four Things Every Brand Should do Now in the Lead-up to the Festive Period

Con­sumers today have very high expec­ta­tions of their shop­ping expe­ri­ence, and those retail­ers that meet these expec­ta­tions excel. How­ev­er it’s key that as a brand you own the whole cus­tomer jour­ney, from engag­ing con­tent that is per­son­alised through to a fric­tion­less shop­ping expe­ri­ence fol­lowed by an infor­ma­tive post pur­chase expe­ri­ence.


How to Turn Your Data into Dollars

Busi­ness­es that put data at the cen­tre of their oper­a­tions are sure to see huge improve­ments, from increased rev­enue, to improved effi­cien­cy, greater cus­tomer loy­al­ty, high­er prof­its and increased mar­ket cap­i­tal­i­sa­tion – to name a few. 


How to Master Your Analytics

When it comes to ana­lyt­ics, it becomes incred­i­bly clear that there are a hand­ful of fea­tures and tech­niques that set the lead­ers apart from every­one else. We want­ed to share some of our tips for using Adobe Ana­lyt­ics to estab­lish a data-dri­ven cul­ture.


The Three Biggest Customer Intelligence Barriers Holding Back Brands

As part of Adobe’s Expe­ri­ence Fes­ti­val event, Axel Schae­fer dis­cussed cus­tomer intel­li­gence, and the rea­sons why some brands are hold­ing them­selves back from ful­ly lever­ag­ing the pow­er of ana­lyt­ics.

Customer Experience

Comment tirer pleinement parti de votre DMP

Si les Data Man­age­ment Plat­forms (DMP) sont dev­enues omniprésentes, c’est parce qu’il est impos­si­ble de s’acquitter de cette tâche ou de gér­er la total­ité de ces don­nées manuelle­ment.


Personnalisation : pourquoi les marques doivent approfondir l’utilisation des données à l’ère du RGPD

L’investissement dans l’intelligence arti­fi­cielle (IA) révèle que les entre­pris­es ressen­tent l’urgence d’améliorer la ges­tion de leurs don­nées, tout en recon­nais­sant l’ampleur de cette tâche qui ne peut être gérée seul par un proces­sus manuel.


Comment l’intelligence artificielle révèle la valeur ajoutée des données

Il appar­tient aux mar­ke­teurs de définir des objec­tifs clairs, qu’il s’agisse de pro­mou­voir un nou­veau pro­duit, de relay­er une cam­pagne de vente ou d’affiner la seg­men­ta­tion de la clien­tèle. À par­tir de là, ils peu­vent déter­min­er com­ment mieux s’acquitter de leurs mis­sions avec le con­cours de l’IA.

Digital Marketing

How to get more value from your Data Management Platform

A DMP is a pow­er­ful tool for your busi­ness, but only if you apply it in the right way.


How AI is turning data into value

For cus­tomers, cre­ativ­i­ty and rel­e­vance are what count the most

Digital Marketing

Why your data strategy is being held back by walled gardens

Walled gar­dens are stop­ping brands from mak­ing the most of their data