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Automotive Industry State of the Union

Over the last year, I’ve been documenting my own personal car-buying experience within the context of other consumer experiences. Now I’d like to take a step back and provide sort of a ‘State of the Union’ for the automotive industry … Read more

Handling Data-Driven Marketing Challenges Now and in the Future

In marketing, data and the insights it provides are often the key to shaping a customer experience that brings customers back again and again. For customer-centric companies, data collection and analysis are vital. Companies rely on data from a variety … Read more

Improving the Telco Customer Journey – Driving a Multichannel Onboarding Strategy

Telco customers today have a wide range of services and providers from which to choose, yet most behave in surprisingly similar ways with any company in the industry. Identifying experience points within the customer lifecycle, and more importantly, where improvements … Read more

Better Experiences, Driven by Data: The Top 2017 Trends in Financial Services and Insurance

The financial services industry (FSI) is rapidly catching up in terms of customer focus—but execution lags behind intention. Those were the primary takeaways from the 2017 Digital Trends in Financial Services and Insurance report, the latest edition of Adobe’s annual … Read more

Improving the Telco Customer Journey – Raising Awareness

The progression of steps a customer goes through when considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining loyalty to a product or service begins with awareness. Yet promoting digital visibility in the face of competitive pressure has traditionally been challenging for the Telco … Read more

Optimising the Customer Experience: Conversion Rate Optimisation Part 2

Optimising your customers’ experiences on your website—and your mobile website—is the first step toward creating frictionless customer journeys, and making sure your customers connect personally with your brand. Every time a user bounces from your site, you’ve wasted money. In … Read more

Using Net Promoter Score to help improve customer experience

Companies are continually looking for ways to improve the customer experience they provide and to put their customers at the heart of everything they do. A popular strategy to help achieve this is to listen to the Voice of the … Read more