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Marketing Minutes with Phillipa Snare, Microsoft UK

Microsoft UK’s CMO, Philip­pa Snare, joins us for our lat­est Mar­ket­ing Min­utes video. In this edi­tion Philip­pa pro­vides insight into the increas­ing trend of sec­ond screen behav­iour and what this means for brands. She also shares some valu­able advice for … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Brian Solis, Altimeter Group

Tele­vi­sion, radio and the inter­net have changed soci­ety. What we do, where we go and how we do it has been affect­ed, and mar­keters need to pay atten­tion to this. Are you doing enough to get in front of con­sumers … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Alain Heureux

The IAB’s Medi­as­cope Europe research reports cov­er 28 mar­kets and have more than 50,000 con­sumer reviews. What key insight has the research found for brands? “Become more dig­i­­tal-cen­tric” says IAB Europe Chair­man Alain Heureux. We sat down with Heureux for … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Viacom’s Christian Kurz

In the lat­est Mar­ket­ing Min­utes  video, we sat down with Viacom’s VP of Research, Chris­t­ian Kurz, to talk about mil­len­ni­als (age 9 -30). It turns out mil­len­ni­als around the world have a lot more in com­mon than any pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Le Web’s Loïc Le Meur

In this edi­tion of Mar­ket­ing Min­utes, LeWeb founder Loïc Le Meur dis­cuss­es the conference’s next theme, The New Shar­ing Econ­o­my and how busi­ness­es are adapt­ing for this new eco­nom­ic mod­el. Loïc high­lights some great exam­ples of how the chang­ing eco­nom­ic cli­mate has … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Ajaz Ahmed, AKQA

In the first of our Mar­ket­ing Min­utes video series, we talk to AKQA’s founder and CEO, Ajaz Ahmed, on advice for brands in the dig­i­tal age: