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Marketing Minutes with Phillipa Snare, Microsoft UK

Microsoft UK’s CMO, Philippa Snare, joins us for our latest Marketing Minutes video. In this edition Philippa provides insight into the increasing trend of second screen behaviour and what this means for brands. She also shares some valuable advice for … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Brian Solis, Altimeter Group

Television, radio and the internet have changed society. What we do, where we go and how we do it has been affected, and marketers need to pay attention to this. Are you doing enough to get in front of consumers … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Alain Heureux

The IAB’s Mediascope Europe research reports cover 28 markets and have more than 50,000 consumer reviews. What key insight has the research found for brands? “Become more digital-centric” says IAB Europe Chairman Alain Heureux. We sat down with Heureux for … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Viacom’s Christian Kurz

In the latest Marketing Minutes  video, we sat down with Viacom’s VP of Research, Christian Kurz, to talk about millennials (age 9 -30). It turns out millennials around the world have a lot more in common than any previous generation … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Le Web’s Loïc Le Meur

In this edition of Marketing Minutes, LeWeb founder Loïc Le Meur discusses the conference’s next theme, The New Sharing Economy and how businesses are adapting for this new economic model. Loïc highlights some great examples of how the changing economic climate has … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Ajaz Ahmed, AKQA

In the first of our Marketing Minutes video series, we talk to AKQA’s founder and CEO, Ajaz Ahmed, on advice for brands in the digital age: