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Amber Atherton Speaking At Adobe Summit EMEA

With only a few weeks till Adobe Summit, we’ve been catching up with our speakers to find out what makes them tick, who inspires them, and what they’ll cover when they take to the stage in London on May 14-15.

First up, Amber Atherton, named 5th most powerful person in Vogue’s Digital Power List and founder and director of My Flash Trash talks fashion, creativity, and educational reform … .

Amber AthertonCan you tell us a bit more about how you started My Flash Trash (MFT)?
After various dabbles in ecommerce, fashion and gaming ventures throughout childhood, I set up MFT from my dorm at school. As one of the first UK fashion blogs to have a shopping cart function, we quickly gained a following that catalysed us into a marketplace for the world’s coolest jewellery designers.

Can you give us a little teaser into what you will be exploring in your Summit talk?
I’ll be giving an insight into how some of my ideas transformed into businesses, from the age of 16, and how you can unlock creativity and solve problems with a few curious case studies. Mainly, I want to motivate the whole audience so when they leave my talk they are ready to be a total boss.

What is your favourite thing about being an entrepreneur?
The ability to direct my own schedule. For me, time is the most valuable asset and having the freedom to control how I spend it is one of my favourite things about being an entrepreneur.

What campaigns have inspired you the most recently?
Strangely, mainly men’s deodorant campaigns. What Old Spice did in the USA was amazing and Lynx’s most recent ‘make peace’ campaign was so virally epic.

If you were given complete freedom, both creatively and financially, what would you do next?
I’m passionate about creating a greater synergy in education between academia and entrepreneurship. There is a massive lack of practical business and career defining experience in school curriculum. So I want to work on changing that in some way next.

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You can also check out the list of other stellar speakers on our website, where you can also register, for what will be THE digital marketing conference of the year!

Mobile Holiday Shopping Skyrocketing Across Europe

This year, the Adobe® Digital Index 2013 Online Shopping Forecast hinged a bet that online sales this Thanksgiving would be almost on par with Black Friday—suggesting that in the next five years Black Friday may actually fall behind.

Much of this movement in the U.S. is due to the obvious rise of smartphones and tablets in daily lives—meaning more Americans are sitting on the couch after the big meal with their devices getting a head start on Black Friday sales.

In the UK and Europe, e-commerce is on the rise and Christmas shoppers everywhere are browsing off the rack and onto their devices. Are you still skeptical of kicking off a mobile strategy? If the numbers below don’t speak for themselves, consider benefits such as standing out from—or at least keeping up with—your competition,  utilising mobile to showcase last-minute deals, staying top-of-mind for holiday shoppers on the go, and increasing brand experience via a cool mobile app to name a few. And with easy new tools such as Adobe Edge Reflow and PhoneGap—building a responsive Web design, engaging app or better experience across any screen is simpler than ever.


Online Holiday Sales - Mobile


Nearly One-Quarter of UK Holiday Sales Expected to be Mobile; Austria Leads Europe in Smartphone Growth

More specifically, in the UK alone, Adobe forecasts tablet and smartphone use this month to be up 44% and 65%, respectively, compared to last December, with a whopping 20% of online holiday sales expected to come from mobile.

Neighbors in the Nordics will look to shop via smartphone 51% more this Christmas and 48% more via tablet, while in Austria we’re expecting an impressive 126% and 133% growth in tablet and smartphone shopping. In Germany and the Netherlands, tablet growth is projected at 56% and 60% respectively, while growth of smartphones is expected to hit 87% and 92%, respectively, this December. Finally in France, smartphone usage may be up 98% this Christmas while tablet shopping should rise by 82%.

In most countries, tablet growth isn’t quite yet as prominent as the raging use of smartphones to close on holiday sales, but we expect this trend too will change as mobile devices continue to impact our lives.

So don’t pick out that new smartphone just yet for Christmas—your old one is still good for something.


About Mark Phibbs

Mark Phibbs

Mark Phibbs (@MarkPhibbs ) is Vice President of Adobe Systems for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Marketing.


Online Holiday Shopping Forecast and Trends 2013

This week, Adobe released its Adobe Digital Index 2013 Online Shopping Forecast, which focuses on predictions for this year’s Christmas shopping season (defined as November and December).

Although summer holidays may still be a recent memory, the streets of the United Kingdom and Europe are already erupting with holiday cheer—as Christmas markets, window displays, and lights across the region glisten with expectation for the season. And alongside the festivities, consumers are checking their pocketbooks while retailers are sharpening their strategies, preparing for what Adobe is predicting to be one of the most exciting growth years in online Christmas shopping.

2013 will be the year of mobile for Europe—with a 68 percent year-over-year increase from last year expected in mobile online sales, and an expectation to meet or surpass US mobile holiday sales by 2014 if the growth continues. Retail marketers, are your campaigns optimised for mobile? It is no longer a luxury, but vital to invest in one this holiday season—more on this later.

Let’s also take a look at where and when the most dollars will be spent online, as a keen understanding of this activity will arm you with the timeliest and most effective marketing strategies.

Adobe Digital Index: Online Shopping Forecast 2013

While Cyber Monday (2 December) in the United States comes as no surprise, in places like France we’re seeing an expected peak after Christmas on 8 January (145 per cent higher online sales vs. average daily online sales), due to les soldes winter sales which run each year from early January to mid-February. Interestingly, retailers in the Nordics can also expect an even higher increase in online sales on their peak shopping day of 9 December than retailers in the US on Cyber Monday (264 per cent vs. 250 per cent, respectively), leaving some work to do for Nordic marketers in sprucing up their online retail strategies. The highest grossing online shopping day in Europe as a whole is forecast to be December 9th, where the daily sales will be 2.74 times the 2013 average daily online sales.

In the coming weeks, we’ll take a look at more in-depth data from the Adobe Digital Index 2013 Online Shopping Forecast, along with findings from a 2013 Holiday Retail Survey Adobe conducted about how consumers will think and shop online this holiday season.

Stay tuned for more marketing insights during this busy season!

About Mark Phibbs

Mark Phibbs

Mark Phibbs (@MarkPhibbs ) is Vice President of Adobe Systems for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Marketing.