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Adobe Digital Roadblock Report 2015 – Germany

The speed at which marketing is changing and thus driving digital transformation in companies is truly immense. Today companies are more and more obliged to tackle digital transformation, if they want to be still successful in the future. Something we have known from … Read more

Adobe Digital Roadblock Report 2015 – UK

It’s never been a more exciting time to be a marketer – in fact in our 2015 Digital Roadblock report, 68% of UK marketers agreed that we are entering a ‘golden age’ of marketing. And it appears that our profession … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Alain Heureux

The IAB’s Mediascope Europe research reports cover 28 markets and have more than 50,000 consumer reviews. What key insight has the research found for brands? “Become more digital-centric” says IAB Europe Chairman Alain Heureux. We sat down with Heureux for … Read more

The Royal Baby: Predictions from the Twittersphere

With only days (or hours) to go until the royal birth, we wondered if social media could predict the gender of the royal baby and their name. Using Adobe Social we pulled Twitter data from the last thirty days in … Read more

Targeting and optimisation increases conversion and we have the proof

We asked more than 1,800 digital marketers about their targeting and optimisation strategy and how it impacts their results. Where marketers were using targeted content they saw an increase in conversion, but we also found out that 87% of marketers … Read more

Marketing Minutes with Viacom’s Christian Kurz

In the latest Marketing Minutes  video, we sat down with Viacom’s VP of Research, Christian Kurz, to talk about millennials (age 9 -30). It turns out millennials around the world have a lot more in common than any previous generation … Read more

Click Here: Adobe research shows marketers are missing the digital mark

Between pop-ups, banners, search, video, social, page takeovers, and more, consumers are seeing more ads than ever to support their favourite web-based pastimes. Turns out 60% of consumers in the UK, France and Germany agree that online ads are annoying. … Read more

UK Snapshot: Digital playing catch up to old school advertising

Brands have spent decades mastering the art of traditional advertising and are struggling to realise the potential from digital ads, according to the UK findings of our Click Here: State of Online Advertising research launched today. 70% of consumers said … Read more