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Customer experience in retail | Old battleground, new battle

Retailers must adapt to changes in technology to gain new customers, retain existing ones, and maintain long-term brand loyalty. Never has this been truer than in today’s age of digital consumers. The rise of e-commerce has blurred the lines between … Read more

Delighting Today’s Tech-Savvy Shopper: 8 Best Practices

Best Practices for Establishing Meaningful Omnichannel Connections In the device-centric world of today, shoppers are far more aware of technology, as well as the user experience possibilities it allows for. As they browse and buy, they appreciate a synergistic approach—an … Read more

Innovating the Retail Experience

In the hyper-competitive world of retail, providing a run-of-the-mill digital experience is not enough. Customers expect a continuous and consistent experience across all touch-points, and they want it to be personalised in a meaningful way. The latest Adobe Digital Index data underlines … Read more

Digital influence in retail – the role of product categories

In my last article, I spoke about the very interesting study of Deloitte Digital, “Navigating the new digital divide,” which studies the influence of digital on purchases in stores. Today I would like to come back in more detail on … Read more

Digital Transformation – What does it really mean for your industry?

Get the answer at Adobe Summit Industry Sessions.  In one of my previous blog posts regarding  Digital Trends: An Industry Focus on Digital Marketing in 2015, I had pointed out one key digital trend in Financial Services, Retail, Telecom and Automotive industries that I expected to gain … Read more

Near Field Communication Technology in Europe – Reality?

There’s a belief that exists in today’s marketing mindset that must be respected when answering this question. That maxim is that the customer will drive the answer and you, as the marketer, would be well-advised to listen, learn and heed … Read more

Digital Advertising at Adobe Summit: Search

I focussed on data in my last blog post on breakout sessions for digital advertisers at Adobe Summit. Now it’s time to understand how that data can be put to good use. There’s no doubt that search marketing is the … Read more

Combining the digital and the physical to create a superior in-store shopping experience

It’s no secret that marketers are struggling to implement an effective omni-channel approach with their customers. It’s not just the increasing number of digital touch points between brands and customers making it difficult for marketers to keep a single view … Read more