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Five Ways Technology Can Drive Content Velocity



Why Delivery is Your Digital Superpower

Deliv­ery is now about more than get­ting a pur­chase to a cus­tomer. Deliv­ery is a pur­chase and it often mat­ters more to the cus­tomer than the price of the item they’re buy­ing.

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In the Rush to Digital Commerce, Let’s Not Lose Sight of Traditional Retail’s Best Bits

Per­haps retail’s future lies between local and dig­i­tal. More mixed use in town cen­tres and com­bin­ing inde­pen­dent shops with hous­ing could bring much-need­ed life to the high street.

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Four Hard Truths for Retail Brands to Consider During Their 2021 Strategic Planning, Post COVID-19

With six years of dig­i­tal growth crammed into mere months, retail brands have learned some harsh lessons about the nature of their online oper­a­tions.

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Four Things British Shoppers Are Telling Us About the Future of Digital Commerce as Lockdown Eases

As a sem­blance of nor­mal­i­ty returns to the British shop­ping scene, the insights we’ve uncov­ered reveal much about the short­com­ings and oppor­tu­ni­ties that have sur­faced dur­ing this incon­ceiv­able peri­od of our lives…

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UK Online Commerce Remains High Despite Small Contraction in June

Fol­low­ing an ear­ly surge, online pur­chas­es slowed in June for the first time in months, accord­ing to UK fig­ures from Adobe’s Dig­i­tal Econ­o­my Index.

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Warum Marken nach COVID-19 nicht zu alten Verhaltensweisen zurückkehren sollten

Ein Überblick, wie Unternehmen angesichts der COVID-19 Krise reagiert haben und welche Schlüsse sich darauf für die Zukun­ft ableit­en lassen.

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Digitalisierungsbeschleuniger COVID-19: Wie Einzelhändler die neue Normalität für sich nutzen können

Große Teile der Retail-Branche reagieren schnell und passen sich an die wohl dis­rup­tivste Phase unser­er Zeit an. Das wird sich auch langfristig bemerk­bar machen, denn die aktuellen Umstruk­turierun­gen leg­en die Basis für neue Arbeitsweisen, die über die Krise hin­aus Bestand haben wer­den.

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Comment les retailers peuvent préparer l’après Covid-19

Le retail est l’un des secteurs qui a le plus été boulever­sé par la pandémie de Covid-19. Fer­me­ture des points de vente physiques, mise au chô­mage tech­nique de nom­breux employés… les mar­ques ont dû rapi­de­ment réa­gir et s’adapter à l’une des sit­u­a­tions les plus inédites de l’histoire mod­erne.

How Retailers Can Prepare For the ‘New Normal’ Post COVID-19

While it may seem like there’s no such thing as ‘busi­ness-as-usu­al’, there are ways for retail­ers to adjust their oper­a­tions, keep cus­tomers and employ­ees hap­py, and per­haps set the stage for a new way of work­ing after the worst has passed.

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Adobe Sneaks: Changing Outfits in eCommerce with AI

We are show­cas­ing “Project Clothes Swap” in Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ag­er, to show how AI can take dif­fer­ent out­fits and move them around on dif­fer­ent mod­els online.

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What the World’s Most Expensive Watches Can Tell Us About the Future of Retail

With so many peo­ple con­fined to their homes, and with most phys­i­cal retail closed, cus­tomers are increas­ing­ly look­ing to shop online, giv­ing many busi­ness­es the oppor­tu­ni­ty to re-eval­u­ate their dig­i­tal set-up (or lack of).

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How the Automotive Industry can Build Brand Resilience During COVID-19

The chal­lenges fac­ing auto­mo­tive brands, man­u­fac­tur­ers, and deal­er­ships are plen­ti­ful dur­ing this time, but there also exist many oppor­tu­ni­ties to mit­i­gate the com­mer­cial and eco­nom­ic impact on the indus­try.

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4 Ways Retailers Can Respond to COVID-19

While it may seem like there’s no such thing as “busi­ness-as-usu­al” in this cli­mate, there are ways for retail­ers to adjust their oper­a­tions, keep cus­tomers and employ­ees hap­py and per­haps set the stage for a new way of work­ing.

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Why Voice Technology Talks Directly to Customer Loyalty and Brand Trust

Peter Shel­don, Senior Direc­tor Com­merce Strat­e­gy at Adobe, dis­cuss­es how voice can com­ple­ment cus­tomer expe­ri­ence strate­gies.

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