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Why your data strategy is being held back by walled gardens

Walled gar­dens are stop­ping brands from mak­ing the most of their data


Fresh-Faced Marketing Encourages Loyalty

With a Uni­fied Cus­tomer Pro­file, Dou­glas is able to bring all CRM data together.

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Three ways marketing automation is making brands more creative

In order to take advan­tage of new tech­nolo­gies such as AI and automa­tion, brands also need a cul­ture and data man­age­ment to match 

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How To use Digital Transformation to Answer Customer Questions

Three ques­tions to help you con­quer dig­i­tal transformation

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How to achieve both creativity and relevance in your digital advertising

Peo­ple still love cre­ative ads, but for online con­sumers rel­e­vance is key 


Community building — three lessons from the music festival industry

Build­ing a fan base for your brand is like build­ing a community

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Ten Things You Need to Know—29/06/18

News you can use


Adobe Completes Acquisition of Magento Commerce

Mak­ing every moment per­son­al and ever expe­ri­ence shoppable.


Ten Things You Need to Know—15/06/18

Top Picks in Dig­i­tal News


Six Things You Need to Know — 30/05/18

Intro­duc­ing Adobe Expe­ri­ence League

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Addressable TV—Six Ways to Address It

Stronger tar­get­ing via address­able TV ensures high­er engage­ment and bet­ter view­ing experiences. 


AI as a Tool Assistant, Peer and Manager

AI is hard at work in FSI—find out all ways it’s used


Adobe Named a Leader in 2018 Forrester Wave for Digital Asset Management

DAM brings order to the chaos among cre­ative, mar­ket­ing, busi­ness, and tech­nol­o­gy teams

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Adobe Brings Leading Commerce Platform Magento to Experience Cloud

Mak­ing every moment per­son­al and every expe­ri­ence shoppable