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Pushing the Limits of Data: The Data-Driven Marketing Track at Adobe Summit

Data has become the driving force behind effective marketing. In today’s fast-changing marketplace, data shapes the decisions that make or break brands, and drives the most critical actions in every campaign. The good news is that with advanced analytics, data … Read more

The Evolving Financial Services Landscape: Delivering Data-Driven Customer Experiences

The financial services landscape is increasingly being defined by banks’ attempts to harness new technologies, as well as compete with new financial technology companies. At the same time, it’s being sculpted by changing customer behaviour, whilst also filled with uncertainty … Read more

How You Teach Your Data to Tell Its Story – More Relevant Than Ever!

Adobe Summit in London has just closed its doors – but there have been some highlights that deserve to be shared also with those that could not attend in person. One of these definitely was the session about data storytelling. … Read more

Analytics is a commodity – long live analytics! What to expect from Adobe Summit EMEA 2016

Digital marketing measurement has moved well beyond the “Hey, I am doing web analytics” stage. Visitors are switching between channels as they please and mobile and video have become the most challenging aspects of analytics today. Beyond the sheer measurement, … Read more

Taking Your Company to the Next Level with Data-Driven Marketing

If you’ve had a chance to check out some of the exclusive content on over the past couple of weeks, you know that data-driven marketing has been a hot topic on many marketers’ minds. With more technology at their … Read more

How Do You Evaluate and Measure the Value of your Digital Content

Remember when you could just look at your website visitor counter and know if your marketing campaigns were successful? Well, those days are long gone and today, evaluating the success of your digital content choices is a much more complicated … Read more

Does too much data kill data?

Today’s article is a response to the recent publication in the French magazine “L’Usine Digitale” of the interview of the leader of one of the most important retail chains in France, about his vision of digital. Asked about the need … Read more

Audience Data: Three Rules you Need to Know

Data control is a hot topic this year with publishers continually updating their policies in order to better protect their number one asset – audience data. As the volume of restrictions around the use of audience data increases, marketers are … Read more

Data Management Platform: Issues & Recommendations

Today, the DMP (Data Management Platform) is everywhere, from the projects of marketing boards to the columns of the specialist press, including the service offerings of agencies. In a world where data is gold, the DMP presents a critical challenge, … Read more

The Telco industry: how real time data is the future

A predicted 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes) of data will be produced in 2020, compared to 4.4 zettabytes in 2013. With most of this passing through or via a Telco operator, we find the industry at an inflection point. With … Read more