Analytics is a commodity – long live analytics! What to expect from Adobe Summit EMEA 2016

Digital marketing measurement has moved well beyond the “Hey, I am doing web analytics” stage. Visitors are switching between channels as they please and mobile and video have become the most challenging aspects of analytics today. Beyond the sheer measurement, actionability upon your insights has become crucial – in order to deliver a seamless customer experience – enabled by a solid data-driven marketing foundation.

Most organisations are aware of these changed circumstances – yet few are actually leveraging all aspects of data-driven marketing to the full extent possible. Very often the most difficult aspect is to get the ball rolling.

The Marketing Analytics Track at Adobe Summit will help business leaders understand their opportunities through advanced insights into their customers´ and prospects´ behaviours, showing them how to approach digital technologies to deliver on the customer experience that people expect.

We will take attendees through different stages of analytics maturity, and will span from hands-on sessions on how to leverage existing functionality at its best to peeking into new features and some thought leadership content as well.

Here are some recommended sessions on Marketing Analytics (MA) at Adobe Summit this year:

MA 1 – “The Chef’s Table: Our latest and greatest Adobe Analytics Tips & Tricks”: A classic and yet one of our favourite sessions each year – learn the best tricks on Adobe Analytics from Adobe´s own Analytics Guru Ben Gaines.

MA 2 – “Analysis Workspace”: Learn from Adobe and Quiksilver how to leverage existing Analysis Workspace in the most effective and convenient ways to free up your time for other, more important tasks.

MA 6 – “Mobile App Analytics: Secrets to a successful strategy (with Sky Deutschland)”: Get the latest insights on how to build your mobile app analytics strategy and how it is already applied successfully at Sky Deutschland.

MA 7 – “Making attribution work across the wider organisation”: Hear from Royal Bank of Scotland how they are using attribution to change the way their organisation is looking at the marketing spend and how decisions are made even beyond the marketing department.

For a complete list of MA sessions please refer to the Summit website. We are looking forward to seeing you at Adobe Summit in London!

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