Content: 2 major issues for brands

Today, two elements are crucial when companies are working on their digital strategy: content and data. From the consumer and internet user’s point of view, it is undoubtedly the content that is the most important, both its creation and anything that can foster interaction. Although the term content can feel like a “portmanteau word”, in which we put what we want, from advertisements to videos, through white papers and newsletters, we can still identify two key issues around this content, two elements that have to work together: the creation of these contents and their logistics.

1. Creative content creation

The first challenge is a creative challenge: it is about establishing what kind of content is likely to generate maximum interaction and engagement. By engagement, I mean a comment, a like, a sharing on social networks, a purchase, the filling out of a form or the creation of some new content. The key here is to create content that will provoke something from the Internet user, which will make him feel an emotion, or even give him something unique and memorable to live. An experience that will differentiate the brand and a content that will ultimately make you want to consummate this brand, to engage with it.

2. The logistics of content

The second issue is about logistics: how to offer this content in the correct version (language, device, etc.) to the right target, how to disseminate it using the appropriate channels to make contact with the customer. Because it is essential to remember something obvious: to publish a content isn’t enough to make it viral, far from it, or to ensure that it is shared or at least accessible to the brand targets. It is therefore essential to identify each potential interaction point for this content.

Therefore, and in a complementary way, to analyse and follow the path of a content is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the final consumer. It is then the combination of “logistical tools” (CMS, community management tool, campaign management tool) and of the marketer’s intelligence, knowledge of its market, of its audiences and its products and services, that will make the difference.

And you, what do you think? In your opinion, what are the best strategies to be developed around content to make them live and to maximize their efficiency? And how best to combine the creation stakes and the challenges of making sure the content is accessible, whether on an app, on the website of the brand, or in store ? Feel free to continue the discussion and share your views on the subject in the comments section!

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