Announcing Current Data in SiteCatalyst 15

Have you noticed that there are 67 days until Christmas? That means 34 days until Thanksgiving, and 35 days until Black Friday. I’ve spoken with a few retail analysts whose palms start to sweat when they think about 12 hour sessions in a war room, urgent text messages from executives, and constant requests for sales and promotion updates.

Do you publishers sit back and chuckle at the stress over the holiday season? You deal with this every day!

As an early holiday gift, Adobe has released Current Data reports in SiteCatalyst 15. This is the first step in a multi-phase approach to providing access to recent and real-time analytics for SiteCatalyst customers. I’m really excited about what’s planned for 2013, but this first step is no pile of coal. You now have access to low-latency data for well over 100 reports and metrics.

To enable Current Data reports, go to Admin > User Management > Groups and on the Pre-defined group called “Recent Data reports.”

Then select any users you’d like and add them to the group.

The next time these users log in, they will see a new set of reports showing today’s data, with very low latency. (Tip: don’t forget to log out before looking for the reports.)

I’m sure you’ve got lots of questions, so let’s get into some details.

Q: Exactly how “current” is this data?

A: These metrics mirror the data recency in SiteCatalyst 14. Page Views and Instances on props are available within a minute or two. Conversion metrics and Instances on eVars are typically available within 20 minutes, assuming no unexpected spikes in traffic.


Q: Is this available via ReportBuilder?

A: Not yet. We’re working toward that goal.


Q: Are all of the SiteCatalyst 15 features available in these reports?

A: Segments, breakdowns and the new v15-only metrics (like total time spent) are only available in the standard sets of reports.


Q: Where can I get more information about this feature?

A: Documentation is available in Help > Help Home, or just follow this link.


Q: Does enabling this feature cause any extra processing or latency risk?

A: No. This data is available for all report suites, regardless of whether it is visible to your users.


Q: Was anything else updated with this release?

A: The full release notes are available here, but there’s one item worth mentioning in this post. When new report suites are created, traffic reports are no longer case sensitive (Home and home will be one item instead of two). If you’d like to enable “ignore case” for an existing report suite, just submit a request to ClientCare and they’ll make the change, which applies from that point forward. One note of caution, if you are using Classifications on traffic variables, we recommend you wait until 2013 given some temporary oddities with classifications and historical case-sensitive data.


[Added on 31 Oct 2012]

Q: Is this data available via the SiteCatalyst Report API?

A: No, though this is being considered for an upcoming release.