Blog Post:The latest Adobe Analytics release just hit the market. With this release, we’re granting some of our customers’ long-awaited wishes, including enhanced segment management, real-time data streaming, and updated predictive modeling. This version of Adobe Analytics offers much to be excited about. Several new reporting features make gathering highly granular data easier and more efficient. For instance, we’ve simplified the process of measuring mobile campaigns, and we’ve made it easier to share data, both with enhanced real-time reporting and more flexible segment management. Here are four features I’m most excited about in the May Adobe Analytics release: 1. Enhanced Segment Management More flexible segment management is something our customers have been requesting for a while. In fact, it was one of the most asked for updates on Adobe IdeaExchange, the forum we use to gather customer feedback and requests for product development. More than 200 customers voted for this capability, making this a primary focus for the release. Now, in Adobe Analytics, segments can be created—and shared—with multiple users, so everyone in your organization will have access to the segments that they need. Sharing has been enabled at every level, too. For instance, a segment can be shared with other colleagues, with a group, or with an entire organization. Additionally, these segments can be edited, tagged, or deleted, so segments can be keyed into a highly specific customer profile and adapted for new campaigns or different customer behaviors. 2. New Mobile Marketing Capabilities This release provides marketers with more granular data on app downloads. For example, campaigns can now be tied to mobile app downloads, and marketers can attribute an acquisition campaign to specific post-download user behaviors. Thus, the process of measuring the effectiveness of a campaign has been simplified. Paid, earned, and owned marketing efforts using email, social media, banner ads, etc. can be linked to user behavior. iBeacon analytics have also been integrated in this release. Now Adobe Analytics enables personalize content and offers that can be sent to mobile app users in real time based on their proximity to iBeacons. This feature will allow marketers to better serve customers and provide them with greater flexibility to influence behaviors and purchases. 3. Live Stream Event Data A new capability in Analytics Premium gives users the ability to directly access live streaming data that provides specific event data seconds after it’s collected. We’ve already seen this capability used to create some compelling real-time dashboards and for in-session retargeting. Marketers can measure campaign effectiveness as the data pours in and refocus efforts to better serve customers. Plus, a live stream enables maximum coverage in second-to-second (true real-time) monitoring. So, if a runaway coupon or sale is taking off, analysts will be able to see it unfold in the data right before their eyes. 4. More Insights with New Predictive Modeling Decision trees are a new visualization tool that enhances the existing predictive capabilities in Adobe Analytics. Essentially, the Decision trees tool is a tree-like graph that provides insights into how audience characteristics and engagement map to a particular outcome. These graphs show the most likely decisions customers will make and can help marketers attempt to influence whether these customers will buy a product or service, watch a video, or perform a different action. Plus, this feature allows customer segments to be modeled using predictive rules, and then using this data, marketers can personalize offers in real time. Our customers are using decision trees for advanced email remarketing, intelligent rule creation for website targeting, and even predicative call center interactions, allowing call center agents to intelligently personalize customer conversations. Adobe Analytics Latest Release These are just four of the new features I’m excited for in our May release. This new version of Adobe Analytics will allow marketers to respond to today’s challenges in mobile and app engagement. If you would like to learn more, you can see the latest features and capabilities of Adobe Analytics in our release notes or on Enterprise TV. Author: Date Created:May 30, 2014 Date Published: Headline:Enhanced Mobile, Real-Time, and Predictive Data Capabilities with Adobe Analytics Social Counts: Keywords: Publisher:Adobe Image: