Tour de Flex 1.2 Released

We have finally released Tour de Flex 1.2.  Below are the highlights:

New improved skin (thinner chrome)
Splash screen has been replaced by a quick start screen that we can update frequently with news of new samples, resources, etc.
Fixed a memory/CPU issue  (see previous post)
Comments are now hosted in the Adobe forums.  You can post questions, subscribe […]

Rich Runtime Install Sizes Matrix

I have put together a table which lists a number of browser based rich client runtimes and their install sizes along with which platforms they are available on and supported.
The runtimes covered include:

Adobe Flash Player 10
Silverlight 2
Silverlight 3 beta
JavaFX 1.1.1

I have obtained the information from the runtimes’ websites. The download sizes are based on actual […]

Make and Receive Phone Calls in the New Version of the Salesbuilder Sample Flex Application

I updated my Salesbuilder sample Flex/Adobe AIR application with a couple of new interesting features:

Ribbit integration: allows you to make and receive calls from within the application
KapIt Visualizer component to represent the org chart
ILog calendar component

I recorded a quick screencast to show the new (and previous features) of the application. You can watch it in […]

UPDATE: A DVD full of Flex goodness for developers exploring Flex

About three weeks ago, I wrote an article describing a DVD that our team created for you to explore Flex and related technologies.  We’ve been handing these DVDs out like candy at events and I’ve been receiving tons of email requesting copies.
As an evangelist, one of my jobs is to acquire new Flex developers and […]

Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS

A typical source of confusion when developers start working with RemoteObject or other BlazeDS/LCDS related classes is where and most importantly *when* the configuration of your services is being read.
The question often arises after an application stops working when you move it to another server. This is one of the most frequently asked questions related […]

Upcoming Open Iteration Meeting

When: March 24th – 10:15am PT / 1:15pm ET / 5:15pm GMT (duration 45 minutes)
Find your time zone here.

Where: via Connect: (Please enter the room as a ‘guest’ using your First and Last name)

We’ll be holding an Open Iteration Meeting for iteration 12 (the last iteration) for Gumbo (Flex 4) on Wednesday March 24th. We invite you to join the Flex SDK team as we discuss the developments in this upcoming iteration.

The slides that will be presented will be posted in the Announcements section of the Open Source site at the end of this week. ARB issues and decisions, will be discussed briefly – you can see the updated list at the bottom of the Gumbo page.

UPDATE: Time previously said 6:15PM GMT, it will actually be at 5:15PM GMT

Update on installation issues on the Player Download Center when unselecting the toolbar offer

For those of you who have reported issues with not being able to install Flash Player from the Player Download Center when you choose not to install Google Toolbar — we’ve fixed the problem. The problem was that some users that unchecked the Google Toolbar offer were sent into a loop and not able to install the player. The issue occurred for machines that do not send http referrer information (possibly because of personal firewalls, ISPs that block sending HTTP referrer, etc). The download center was checking referrer information to make sure the users were directed to the right landing page for Flash Player installation, and we’ve now modified it to handle this case more gracefully.

Thanks to those users who worked with our support team to gather the information we needed to find and fix this problem. This fix went live on 2/17, so if you are still experiencing the same problem please leave a comment.

Flex SDK 3.3 Released

The latest official Flex SDK, now at version 3.3 has been released. You can download it from our main downloads page. We are not releasing a new version of Flex Builder, and therefore have made the updated Data Visualization components available from the same downloads page as well.

These releases are entirely bug fixes, along with the inclusion of the updated Flash Player and AIR bits.

You can see the SDK bug fixes here. The Data Visualization bug fixes are:

FLEXDMV-963: Complete chart area not used when day(s) are disabled
FLEXDMV-1882: Changing ColumnSeries itemRenderer at runtime doesn’t remove previous itemRenderer. All previous itemRenderers still get called.
FLEXDMV-1695: RTE for Chart display when using labels, 100% height and ViewStates.

The Flex SDK is also available from the Open Source site.

Edited 3/09/09:
Instructions for extracting the source for the data visualization components can be found in the release notes.

The workaround below is not necessary if you’ve downloaded since 3/07.

NOTE: If you are on a Mac and using AIR you may need to run the script found attached to the bug SDK-19707 as we screwed up the symlinks pointing to the runtimes. This will hopefully be fixed in the downloadable version in the next day or two.

New video tutorial on runtime font loading


I just uploaded a new tutorial showing the best practice method of creating and using external font SWF files using Flash CS4. You can now easily create font files with a subset of characters using the new Flex metadata support. This was not possible prior to Flash CS4 and the new workflow speeds things up […]