LiveCycle DS 3 beta integrates with Flash Builder 4


The beta version of Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3 delivers many new features and improvements. One particularly exciting feature is a new technology, code named Fiber, which enables Flex developers to use a model-driven development approach for faster and easier data-driven application development. With Fiber, data management is implicitly supported and does not require developers to create custom assemblers or employ complicated LiveCycle Data Services specific configurations. And as part of Flash Builder 4 beta, Flex developers can easily create a fiber Model to simplify development and enhance productivity of data-driven Flex applications.

For an overview of the features included in the next release, view the Getting Started videos or read Anil Channappa’s What’s New in LiveCycle Data Services 3.

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One thought on “LiveCycle DS 3 beta integrates with Flash Builder 4

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