Flash Player Multi-Touch: Confirmation from Kevin Lynch


At the Adobe Analyst Summit today Kevin Lynch gave some clarity around Flash on mobile devices which included news that Flash Player for mobile will have support for multi-touch and accelerometer features. James Governor had the first tweet; which also included info about the release date, namely a public beta before the end of the year and release early next year, but if you’ve been following along you probably know that.

Having more native device capabilities on the phone via Flash is going to let Flash developers do some very interesting things. Think about the implication for games, video, augmented reality, and general application user interfaces. If you’re interested in the Flash Platform and multi-touch Daniel Dura is going to be doing a session at MAX covering some of the advancements in the Flash Platform and multi-touch. It should be an interesting session. Considering how creative Flash designers and developers are, I think this is going to be a feature that will get a lot of interesting use.

Image from Techdu.de

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