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cfunited_logoI had a great week at CFUnited last week and it’s great to see the ColdFusion community continue to set the bar for enthusiasm and camaraderie. Brian Swartzfager, Jeff Coughlin, and Dan Vega have great writeups. Adam Haskell has a rundown of some of the presentations and you can grab some of the slides over at SlideSix.

I was impressed both with the response to our news about ColdFusion 9, the new features, and the Flex track that Andy Powell helped with. Having guys like Doug McCune present alongside ColdFusion rockstars like Ray Camden is great for both communities. ColdFusion has a few new features that are going to lower the barrier for non-CF RIA developers to start using ColdFusion. ColdFusion as a Service makes it easy to use ColdFusion to accomplish things right inside your Flex application like send an email or generate a document that you can’t do with just Flex. The ColdFusion-AIR functionality makes online/offline sync (something that’s tough to do) a breeze. We’ve always talked about the fact that ColdFusion is the best middle and back end for creating RIAs and as the sophistication of Flex/AIR have evolved, ColdFusion has kept pace.

And there’s nothing like the ColdFusion community. It’s a welcoming, but still tight-knit community that’s willing to help anyone regardless of skill level. It was great to see people I’ve met on the road and meet a few new people as well. Congrats to the team at Stellr for putting on a great show. I really encourage any Flex (and ColdFusion) developer to check it out. And then come check out 360|Flex. Between these two conferences we’ve got a lot of knowledge out there.

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