Announcing Adobe Flash Platform Services

AFPS.jpg I am excited to announce that the Flash Platform has added services to its collection – Adobe Flash Platform Services. Adobe Flash Platform services are online, hosted services that allow developers to add innovative capabilities to applications with a predictable, cost efficient deployment model.

The first three services that are being delivered are Distribution, Collaboration and Social (coming soon).

Here are brief descriptions of each of the services:
Distribution: Distribute, promote, track, and monetize applications on social networks, mobile devices, and desktops.
Collaboration: Enhance applications with real-time collaboration features, including chat, audio, and video.
Social: Enable applications to integrate with leading social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

In the next few weeks, I will describe the services in greater detail and show how customers are using them.

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3 thoughts on “Announcing Adobe Flash Platform Services

  1. @Jeff

    Jeff, This is quite different from Zembly. Zembly focuses on templates to quickly create widgets.

    Flash Platform Services are a way to create, distribute and monetize applications. The Collaboration and Social services allow developers to add collaboration and social network integration to their apps within Flash Professional and Flex Builder.
    The Distribution service can be used to distribute applications to end users after the application has been developed.

    Please check out the product page and the ADC pages for more information.