Can’t be at MAX This Year? Catch it Online Live!

max-online-screenshotEveryone I talk to is starting to get excited about MAX. Maybe it’s the Mark Hamill appearance, maybe it’s that some of the new features of the Flash Platform are starting to leak out, or maybe everyone is just excited to see a bunch of friends and hang out to talk tech. The keynotes this year should get Flash developers really excited about the platform this year. We’ve got some great stuff to show off and a couple of surprises that people will be talking about.

online_maxIf you can’t make it, you’ll be missing out on the networking and the chance to bother talk to the engineering teams but we still want to give you as much access to the conference as possible. So this year we’ll be streaming the keynotes live AND if you show up 10 minutes early you’ll get some behind the scenes peeks that even the regular attendees won’t get to see. There’s going to be some special content just for those of you watching online and we’re going to make it fun and entertaining so you not only get to see the news live but also get some insight into what’s happening at MAX.

In addition, the team is making the most popular sessions in our three tracks – Design, Develop, and Envision – available each day and the other sessions will be following shortly thereafter. So you not only get the info live from the keynote but you can see the best sessions at MAX from wherever you are.

Can’t make it to MAX? Organize a MAX party and watch the keynotes online!

Can’t make it to MAX? Well… we’ll miss you but… why not get together with some friends and colleagues and watch the keynotes together? No no… Not like that cheesy video you saw on the web… Unless your grandma is also in to everything Adobe 😉 Just hook up your laptop to a projector or […]

Flex Builder 3 on Eclipse 3.5

I recently tried to upgrade to Eclipse 3.5 on my Ubuntu Linux desktop. Unfortunately this caused some problems with the Flex Builder 3 for Linux alpha 4. According to the stack traces in Eclipse the main problems seemed to stem from the com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.compiler.internal.ProblemManager class. So I decided to re-write that class from […]

AS3 Facebook API – zdalna prezentacja dla AUG Trójmiasto

W dniu dzisiejszym w ramach spotkania grupy AUG Trójmiasto poprowadzę zdalną prezentację odnośnie tworzenia aplikacji na Facebook’a z wykorzystaniem technologii Flex i AIR. Dodatkowym tematem prezentacji będzie tworzenie aplikacji działających w przeglądarce i na desktop’ie z wykorzystaniem tego samego kodu. Do tego posłużę się metodą kompilacji warunkowej oraz odpowiednią konfiguracją projektów we Flash Builder’ze.
Wszystkich […]

HD video (720p) on a netbook? With NVIDIA & Flash Player you can!

If you’ve toyed around with netbooks, you know that they are not the fastest machines you can get these days. Playing HD video is out of the question… or… WAS out of the question. Today German site Notebook Journal posted a video showing a demo of a netbook running a new NVIDIA (partner in the […]

Sonoflash – Easily Add Sound To Your Flash Apps

I’m a huge fan of using sound in RIAs. I think that having audio cues is just as important as visual cues and that a click sound, or a subtle noise when you interact with an application makes for a much more usable experience. Unfortunately it can be kind of a pain to add those kinds of sounds to Flash applications. In general you have to go hunt down royalty free sounds and use MP3 files in your application which can add a bit more size to an application than some people want. We made some changes to the sound APIs in Flash Player 10 that let you generate sounds and while I was in Singapore I talked to the guys from Sonoflash who have a really great solution.

You can download a series of libraries from them which are all different soundscapes and have different themes. Add one or more of those SWC files to your application and then you can just call the sounds with some simple ActionScript code. All of the sounds are generated by AS3 an so take up a lot less weight than having to deal with MP3s. It also means you can tweak the sounds on the fly and use the APIs to modify the pitch, frequency, or other variables when you call it. I did a video with them in which they show off some examples and how to use it.

Sonoflash; from Ryan Stewart on Vimeo.

Adobe Cookbooks

Make sure you check the the brand new Adobe Cookbook application now live at
For those unfamiliar with the cookbook applications, they are a searchable repository for community-generated code samples. This integrated Adobe Cookbook application replaces the individual, product-specific cookbook applications that was previously in place for Flex, AIR and Mobile.
The new application supports 16 different products/technologies […]