Flash Snippets panel for Flash Builder 4

I am releasing an early test version of the snippets panel that I have been working on for Flash Builder 4. Now this panel is essentially a re-skinned version of the great SnipTreeView panel that I modified to also work with MXML files. Now when I say this is an early version I really do mean it. Expect it not to work and if it does, well you will be pleasantly surprised then. Download the JAR file and place it into your Eclipse plugin folder. I am only really targeting Flash Builder 4 but you can try your luck with Flex Builder 3.

Please watch the video below to see how to use the panel and let me know in the comments if it worked for you. If it didn’t please let me know your OS, Eclipse version, and Builder version. Hope you like it!


Cynergy Systems Demos Adobe AIR 2 Multi-touch Support

Andrew Trice of Cynergy Systems recently wrote a blog post summarizing his experiences building multi-touch applications using Adobe Flex and an early version of Adobe AIR 2. In his post, he shares a number of excellent video demonstrations, code samples and design considerations that developers thinking about multi-touch development may find valuable.

In addition, Dave Wolf, also of Cynergy Systems, wrote a blog post discussing the development of an application for the Adobe MAX keynote. At MAX, Dave recorded a video demonstration of that application from the event floor that I have embedded below.

Lastly, if you are interested in learning more about multi-touch, please be sure to watch Andrew’s talk titled "Multi-touch Development with Adobe Flex" that he presented at Adobe MAX earlier this month.

Adobe eSeminar: PDF Portfolios for Flex & ActionScript Developers

Join the Adobe Acrobat User Community on Wed. November 18, 2009 for a free eSeminar on how to create highly branded, custom PDF Portfolio layouts using Acrobat 9’s ActionScript API and Flex. PDF Portfolios let you combine Flex/ActionScript with PDF to redefine what a document can be. If you are a Flex developer and are interested in leveraging your skills in a new and exciting way, this eSeminar is for you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
10-11am US Pacific (1-2pm US Eastern)

Free Registration: http://www.acrobatusers.com/events/1475/pdf-portfolios-developers

What you will learn:

What you need to get started with the Acrobat ActionScript API
How to bootstrap a basic Navigator in Flex Builder 3
How to bundle your Navigator’s SWF file into a .NAV file for use in Acrobat using ANT
How to avoid the most common trouble spots
How to turn on the debugging options in Acrobat

Who should attend?

Flex developers interested in expanding their skills and market reach.
If you are an Acrobat developer or power user and have never worked with ActionScript or Flex, you might want to skip this one.

Skills required:

ActionScript 3
Flex Builder 3
ANT (recommended)

New book available: Data Services, Hibernate and Eclipse

Great new book by Mike Slinn on BlazeDS/LCDS.
This is a great resource if you are interesting in designing, developing and testing applications that leverage both the Adobe Flash Platform and Java back end technologies and techniques (Hibernate, reverse engineering, ORM, POJOs, etc).
If you are interested you can get an early access here: http://www.slinnbooks.com/books/serverSide/index.shtml

Article about Flash Catalyst in Dutch Magazine

If you are a designer or you just want to learn how to use Flash Catalyst you may want to check the latest issue Web Designer Dutch Magazine. I wrote an article demonstrating the workflow between Adobe Illustrator, Flash Catalyst, and Flash Builder. Although, by the time the article got published, Flash Catalyst Beta 2 […]

Adobe and Omniture: Day 1

The Omniture acquisition officially closed today. This marks a new chapter for Adobe as we begin work on key product integrations to deliver a complete solution from content creation through optimization. For designers and developers, this means you will be able to build user-centric applications that incorporate measurement and optimization into the early stages of the creation process and refine them to increase usage, satisfaction and monetization. You can get an executive perspective from Shantanu’s blog posting on the Adobe Corporate blog.

For the Flash Platform, here is a highlight of the strategic integrations that our teams will begin to work on:

  • Integrating Omniture’s analytics and optimization solutions with the Flash Platform to make engaging content and applications running in Flash Player and Adobe AIR measurable and easily optimized – and extending the Flex framework to include easy-to-use analytics components.
  • Integrating Omniture video analytics and optimization capabilities with the Flash Platform. Also, continuing to invest in advancing this complete video capability based on emerging customer requirements to support better targeting, engagement and monetization.
  • Integrating Omniture solutions to analyze and optimize experiences and content consumed across multiple screens, including smartphones, Internet-connected televisions and other devices.

For more information, visit the Omniture acquisition page.