Adobe and Omniture: Day 1

The Omniture acquisition officially closed today. This marks a new chapter for Adobe as we begin work on key product integrations to deliver a complete solution from content creation through optimization. For designers and developers, this means you will be able to build user-centric applications that incorporate measurement and optimization into the early stages of the creation process and refine them to increase usage, satisfaction and monetization. You can get an executive perspective from Shantanu’s blog posting on the Adobe Corporate blog.

For the Flash Platform, here is a highlight of the strategic integrations that our teams will begin to work on:

  • Integrating Omniture’s analytics and optimization solutions with the Flash Platform to make engaging content and applications running in Flash Player and Adobe AIR measurable and easily optimized – and extending the Flex framework to include easy-to-use analytics components.
  • Integrating Omniture video analytics and optimization capabilities with the Flash Platform. Also, continuing to invest in advancing this complete video capability based on emerging customer requirements to support better targeting, engagement and monetization.
  • Integrating Omniture solutions to analyze and optimize experiences and content consumed across multiple screens, including smartphones, Internet-connected televisions and other devices.

For more information, visit the Omniture acquisition page.

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One thought on “Adobe and Omniture: Day 1

  1. I am not clear what omniture does for us. Can users like me see omniture feature on flash or it’s just for analyze problems.