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56 thoughts on “Flash Player 10 supports Windows 7

  1. Windows 7 was created with emphasis on the 64-bit operating system. Microsoft wanted to advance it’s use. This fact has been known for years.

    So now, Adobe: where is the Flash Player for 64-bit versions of Windows 7 ?

    Half of all Windows 7 copies sold are for 64-bit. And you’re not ready. Adobe Flash player does not support the new system fully. And the users can’t find an alternative because there isn’t any.

    Shame on you.

  2. received message – flash player not working. Tried to down load as instructed. was told my computer had a newer version. am running win. 7

  3. somthing is still wrong, When I start IE8 x32 in Windows 7 X64 the task bar crashes, this only happens when the flash player add-on is enabled. I have ver .Hope you can resolve this issue soon

  4. i just got windows 7 and dont have flash 10 please how i download flash 1o in my windosw 7 64 bits??thanks

  5. I have a problem with Adobe flash player installer. It flashes all the time asking for permission and as I gave the permission, it flahes again and again . I uninstlled flash player and reinstalled it several times without success.

    I am using windows 7 on my computer. can you please solve this problem.

    By the way falsh player installer, it continue flahing forever.

    Thanks and regards

  6. i have installed adobe flash 10 in windows 7, but it run slowly and
    sometime it hang, please solve my problem.

  7. Just had Windows 7 installed and can’t get picture windows to open. All have red x which doesn’t open with a mouse click. Computer operator at store said that I need Adobe Flash???
    I appreciate any advice that you have. Thanks, Joanna

  8. When closing mutiply pages in explorer, the first page wil not close.(from the left)
    After doing it with task manager it will, sometimes everything closes somethimes only one page will not responde.

    Windows 7 says also that there is a problem with adobe flash player.

    Do you no a solution?

    Kins Regards,


  9. I have win 7 and Flash player will not install. I get a error mesage saying the GUI will not install.

  10. Adobe 9 with IE8 just crashed when on forum site. Apparently Adobe 9 is not compatible to Windows 7. I will try Adobe 10….sigh.

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  12. i have windows 7 and no flash player will work i download the installer but from their nothing happens! what should i do?

  13. I tried to download Flash Player with Firefox on my new Windows 7 computer. It tells me that I must click the “edit options” box. Where is it?

  14. Why won’t Adobe flash player 10 work on a 64 bit operating system AND will it work if I upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7???

  15. can not get adobe flash 10 to work with my windows 7 machine
    should i of had flash player 9 first please let me know i tried a adobe cs4 professional trail verision and it does not work at all.
    please email me back
    my computor is and I7 core 975 333 ghz 12 mg ram 64 bit

  16. thanhk you for download , I needs to download for the software becauce it is a very good for support access the web site

  17. Running windows 7 on new laptop, accepted update for adobe flash player and now the videos stop and start sporadically, are there settings that need to be changed? Friend bought exact same machine and has the same problem

  18. I have Windows 7, 32 bit and no problems with flash. However, it won’t run on my new machine with Window 7, 64 bit.

  19. I’m having the same problem with Windows 7. I can’t get flash 10 to download through IE8 or Firefox. It just will not download no matter what I try.

    Windows 7 has been out for some time now and I think it is deplorable that the issues with flash and windows 7 has not been fixed considering how much stuff on the net requires flash.

    There is no excuse for any of this, as far as I am concerned. Companies are so hell bent on getting their products to the public that they don’t do the work required to make sure the products work properly first. How do these people sleep at night? Oh, I get it, make your money and screw the rest of us, is that it?

    I am truly disgusted by this and these companies should be ashamed of themselves for not getting this right BEFORE these products were available to the public.

  20. We can only assume Adobe have no intention of supporting 64 bit systems. Six months is way too long to wait. Can anyone please tell me how to get flash off my computer and use something more up to date?

  21. It’s only the 64-bit that causes the problem.
    Adobe website tells us that you can use Flash for 64-bit by using a 32-bit browser but I have only limited knowledge and no idea how to do this.
    Any help out there?

    You need to open Internet Explorer that is 32-bit.
    Take a look at All Programs from the Start Menu
    You should see Internet Explorer 64-bit and Internet Explorer without any -bit. Click on the second Internet Explorer and you will have opened the 32-bit browser .

    I can see all the Flash photos now – hoorah and thanks v much to Peter my computer whizz.

  23. Flash player is so good to use on windows 7. I am so glad that this got done. It just makes things nicer and easier with windows 7. Keep up the good work. accutane

  24. The FLASH PLAYER Windows 7 64 Bit customers are getting really frustrated without a proper fix being supplied as all of the directions supplied do not work on all systems…Something must be done for all of the customers like … yesterday…Tomorrow may be too late to keep loyal customers for the future…Look out competition…here we come. Maybe these sites need to give their viewers a choice of what program they want to use to view the content of their news, videos etc …

  25. Why don’t we have Flash support on Windows7 64 bit yet? You guys definitely need to take up some efforts or Adobe will not exist! Guys if you dont keep up with support for OSs, you are not good for yourselves.

  26. I tried upgrading adobe flash player to 10 but it just gives me an error message, nothing’s happening and i need a flash player to view my videos, play my games etc. I’ve tried reinstalling adobe 9 but it doesn’t want to do that it keeps taking me back to adobe 10. That is really not working for me.

    • Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty installing Adobe Flash Player. We have an installation section on our customer support page that may
      be able to help ( If you follow the instructions there and are still having problems, we do also offer complimentary technical support through email. To file a new question, please go to our support portal ( You will need to have an account on this system (which is free). Once you are signed in, you will be taken to a form that is already configured for installation help. Please select the “Additional Products” radio button and select “Adobe Flash Player” and click continue. Please enter the steps that you have tried to install Flash Player and enter the rest of the information for the form. Don’t worry about the Support Plan ID as it is not needed for Flash Player.


  27. i need flash player for windows7
    please how i can get flash player 10 for windows 7 64 bits latest addition

  28. I’m sure you are getting tired of being asked, but can you publish a date for the release (beta or otherwise) of your flash player for the Windows 7 64 bit operating system.

  29. hi there i have just put the new ie9 in my computer but im having a problem trying to get the flash player square to download i have a windows 7 running a 64 bit is any one else having the same problem thank julie

  30. could you please give me the driect link for the flash player square thanks julie be so gratfull