MAX 2009 – David Blaine joins my session with Bill Perry!

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I tried and tried to get Britney following from last years Karaoke mobile application, alas Nokia have beat me to it with the Magical Legend David Blaine!

This week I have spent time in our offices in San Francisco getting caught up on our huge amount of announcements and activities around Adobe MAX.  At MAX this year in LA we’ll be showcasing our progress on Flash Player for mobile and devices.  I love surprises, and in fact I have purposefully avoided seeing some of the demos and devices, there’s nothing worse than someone saying “wait this next bit is huuuge!!!”.

Though some surprises coming out of the event I can’t ignore, and those of you that have worked with me in the past couple of weeks will be rattling in your chairs with anticipation!  You know who you are ;-0

Of course we have a multitude of sessions related to the MAX announcements regarding the Flash Platform doubling it’s platform support.  Here are those sessions that I consider to be highlights of the show, or if I were going to MAX!

  • Flash Lite: Developing and Distributing Mobile Applications
  • Building Mobile Applications with Flash Professional (Updated)
  • From Big Screen to Browser, Desktop, and Mobile Device with Adobe Flash CS4
  • Multi-touch and the Flash Platform
  • Bootcamp: Multiscreen Streaming Video
  • Preview: Flex for Mobile Devices
  • Designing and Developing for the Multiscreen Web
  • Tackling Memory and Performance in Flash, Flex, and Adobe AIR
  • Designing Applications for Desktops and Mobile Devices (Updated)
  • Open Screen Project: What It Is and Why You Should Care (Updated)
  • Design Considerations for Contextually Aware Solutions
  • Bootcamp: Multiscreen Development
  • Adobe Wave: Increasing the Use of your Websites and Applications
  • Mobile Application Development with Nokia Web Runtime
  • Building World-Class Multimedia Applications on Nokia Devices
  • Open Screen Project Fund: Fueling the Future of Flash Experiences
  • Mobile Application Development with Nokia Web Runtime

If you’re not coming then I suggest you hook yourself up with the MAX Companion, a Twitter application from the XD team here at Adobe.  If you use an alternative client for Twitter then follow me @markadoherty and I’ll try to keep up as best I can.

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