October Issue of the Edge


Have you seen the October issue of the Edge newsletter? It’s now live on Adobe.com. Produced by the Adobe Developer Relations team, the Edge has 1.7 million subscribers worldwide. It features video, articles and tutorials for developers and designers who create content and applications for the web.

In this month’s video, Edge Managing Editor Julie Campagna is on the scene at Adobe MAX 2009. See a snapshot of this year’s lively event, including announcements, technology previews, and commentary from attendees.

Also included in the issue:

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3 thoughts on “October Issue of the Edge

  1. How about a really awesome code-repository? open-source A+ classes for everything from the basic “mouse follow with delay” to “object rotationZ within a rectangle boundary”, to “media container” to “carousel” to “sound visualizer”? That would be a nice addition to the Flash platform, because there are MANY great open-sourced classes that float around on the web.a