New tutorial on iPhone development with Flash CS5

I just finished uploading a new tutorial that gives you a sneak peek of the new iPhone development features that are coming in Flash CS5. In the tutorial I show how to create a simple accelerometer-based animation which I then compile and transfer to my iPhone. Look for more information here on this workflow coming […]

Magnifying Glass AIR 2 application or how to communicate with a Java program from AIR

My favorite feature from Adobe AIR 2 is, by far, Native Processes: the ability to launch and control and communicate with a native process. It could be any executable from the machine where the AIR application is installed. I think this feature opens up a whole new range of AIR applications. Adding to this feature […]

E-seminar about Zend framework and Flash

My colleague Mihai Corlan and Roy Ganor from Zend are going to have an e-seminar about building Flash/PHP applications. They are going to cover Adobe Flex framework, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder and Zend Studio. If you are a PHP developer building Flex applications it should bring some value. For registration you can go here.
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Blog design contest: Design my blog and win CS4 Master Collection!

Last week I realized that I am not 100% happy with the blog theme I recently installed. I like it but it’s not quite exactly what I wanted. In all honesty, I don’t really like fiddling around with CSS and HTML. I hate having to navigate around different browser implementations and therefor never really got […]

Flex Builder Linux Alpha 5 release

The Flex Builder for Linux alpha bits posted on Adobe Labs have been updated to extend the hardcoded timeout period. The current FB Linux Alpha 4 product will expire on Dec. 1st, 2009, so if you are currently using Flex Builder for Linux be sure to download the updated Alpha 5 bits from Adobe Labs prior to Dec. 1st. There are no changes to the functionality of the product in these new bits; however they have been tested on later versions of Linux distros. Please see the release notes posted on Adobe Labs for complete details.

A peek behind the scenes of Avatar

I’m sure it won’t shock you when I say that Adobe software is used extensively in Hollywood. Avatar, James Cameron’s new movie, is no exception. So which software did they use and how?
PHOTOSHOP was used during the early conceptual stages to create art for getting the film green-lit by FOX. In addition to being a […]

Flex Builder Linux Alpha 5 release

A new version of Flex Builder for Linux can be downloaded from Adobe Labs. No new features, is just a version to extend the expiration date.
Also, the Linux fans can check this link IntelliJ has a Flex plugin which is going to be improved for the version 9. Good news for the IDEA […]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Flex Builder Linux Alpha 5 release”, url: “” });