Flash Player Download Center for iPhone

Yesterday a number of blogs started to discuss the content on the Flash Player download center for iPhone users. There have been some questions about the site, so I want to provide a little background on the page.

We currently get nearly three million visitors to this page each month from people who are looking for the Flash Player for their iPhone or iPod touch, many of whom were leaving the download center believing that either (1) Adobe didn’t want Flash on the iPhone or (2) the iPhone was somehow technically incapable of playing Flash content. Since neither of those is true, we are now explaining to those visitors that Apple holds the key in getting Flash Player onto the device.

The language was compact and to the point both because of the constraints of the page (this is displayed only to the iPhone) and the audience (consumers who are looking for the Flash Player aren’t interested in reading a long piece of text). I also want to mention that Apple and Adobe have a strong partnership in many areas, but, Apple has not provided the level of support required to deliver the Flash Player to the iPhone. Nearly every other industry player is working with us in getting Flash technology onto their devices and platforms. These partners are making critical, high value investments in delivering Flash Player on mobile devices, on netbooks, and in the digital home.

To be clear, Adobe wants to make Flash Player 10.1 available for the iPhone and with Apple’s support we’re ready to do the work — just as we and our partners are doing for Blackberry, Palm webOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and many other platforms to give users uncompromised access to the web.

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53 thoughts on “Flash Player Download Center for iPhone

  1. Very well explained. I believe most of us got the idea what you were doing. It’s Apples fault and there’s no reason for people to think you are singling out a device.

    Luckily Flash on the webOS and the other devices looks pretty solid, so hopefully it just pulls users to the other “better” platforms.

  2. So do you see this as never happening? Are there talks right now to get it done or has the decision been made that it won’t be on the iPhone? Why so vague with the the reasons iPhone does not have flash player 10.1? Adobe wants the iPhone to have flash player, so you leave us to assume Apple does not want the iPhone to have flash. Is this accurate?

    Consumers are very interested in this topic since there has been no information on the subject in a long time. Can you be more specific as to the reasons Apple and Adobe can’t come together?

  3. I think it’s the fact that any form of games / movies / entertainment could be streamed through the browser. This in essence hurts Apples bottom line, and as we have all have seen many times over Apple doesn’t like when things get in the way of it and it’s consumers.

    Apple’s devices have no multi-tasking ability so I can’t think of another reason why they would block it, sure it’s not a tegra based device, but it should be able to handle Flash pretty well. The Pre has it and from the videos and friends that went to Max this year it can handle multiple instances (some frozen in other cards, but ram wise it handles it).

    It will be interesting to see how Apple tries to spin this as all the other devices get it. This appears to be more of a waiting game.

  4. You know what just like apple told us when we got the new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3G!!!!!!!! That we will be able to upgrade our phones to some things that we didn’t have befor on the iPhone and we were all waiting for the upgrades and came out with a hole new iPhone with all the upgades on it. Upgrades that we couldn’t download on our 3G like they told us. They want us to spend as much money on there product as we can. Don’t be mad when they tell us that a new Iphone is comming out, a new one that’s now flash ready. I tell you what I won’t buy it. And you shouldn’t. They’ve been able to let us have flash player. Apple just wants more money. Cheating the people that made them so successful.

  5. As I think apple don’t want to give flash on iPhone bcoz they want people should buy movies from iTunes.and they keep making money.belive me this idea will not go to work.people will go for an other mob phone which have the flash n there is alot available in market.

  6. I’m sorry to say this because I love Apple, but they are making false claims when they say you can get the internet on your iPHone. By leaving out Flash it means we don’t have access to a significant part of the internet.

  7. I did jailbroke my iphone in hope of flash but imobile cinema was not good enough. You should put flash in cydia so we can download it.

  8. Come on apple don’t you see people want the adobe flash player I mean three million people come on and pull that apple out of you a$$.

  9. All of you got it wrong. The fact that iPhone is so good today is because it makes tons of money for Apple. The crux of the $$$ depends heavily on what is provided via iPhone. Having no flash to begin with, didn’t dent iPhone sell. So, as long as Apple making money, you people keep buying iPhone, then having Flash or not on iPhone matters little. If Youtube wants to show its content on iPhone, they can create an app for it. Free that is. If any other website need to show content via their flash, they could repackage it. In fact this is better alternative for Adobe. It gives then the marketing factor to upgrade and sell more new Adobe Flash to developer!

  10. Any chance there is a “Beta” version of Flashh of the iPhone we can use/test in the meantime while Flash is being negotiated with Apple?

  11. If there is a “Beta” version of Flash for the iPhone available (while we wait for negoatiations with Apple), I would love to participate. ;o)

  12. Just release it to jailbreak community. I bet if they get a copy or release the source code. Someone will force apple to allow it. Work with us. Release the source code.

    I know u adobe has one made already!!!
    Release it. Release the source code

  13. I am disappointed. Apple toots the fact they have so many Apps…many of them for free, but no Flash Player…Another disappointment for folks everywhere who look to apple as an alternative to PC and PC based mobile networking. I don’t mind downloading the player for .99 cents even though it should be free.

    Come on Apple…after working so hard to bring your company to the forefront, don’t blow it with little stuff like this.

  14. I think that the big thing with flags is that it is very versatile. By adding Flash, the iPhone would have access to games, videos, and other ‘app’ like programs, free. Less people would download an app they could get free online, and while not all apps can be duplicated with Flash, it will still hurt their bottom line, and perhaps the developers of apps. Apple could hold out indefinately if they wanted to.

  15. Sounds like Apple dont want to support (read pay) for the product. Shame. Maybe Apple is not the only company that wants to make money.
    Can you let us know how much “$upport” Apple needs to pay/give for this to happen.

  16. Brian — Apple wouldn’t need to provide any money to have Flash Player 10.1 on the iPhone. Adobe provides free access to the Flash Player — Apple doesn’t currently pay for access on Mac OSX, nor do other participants in the Open Screen Project such as Google, RIM, Nokia, etc.

  17. Apple wants to maximize their profit by not allowing other free software install on iphone or ipod touch. I was not aware of this.
    I believe Blackberry allows installation of Adobe flash player. I would have gone to Blackberry.

  18. I’m in need of a flashplayer on my iPhone and apple are about to lose a customer and a lot of respect if they don’t allow us soon.

  19. It’s about time we get adobe flash player for iPhone it sucks not to able to see all web site .. Please somebody do something to get adobe player !!!!

  20. It’s about time we get adobe flash player for iPhone it sucks not to able to see all web site .. Please somebody do something to get adobe player !!!!

  21. I hate the fact that browsing the web on my iPhone is totally different from browsing on my Mac.

    Apple should give us Flash, if for no other reason then to not give Google a leg up with Android which will support Flash this year.

    It sucks that the iPhone, and I guess the iPad, have this restricted browsing experience. Makes me really question moving to another product that runs Flash.

  22. Hopefully the next iPhone generation will get flash player. The new A4 chip apple made for the iPad could definitely go into the iPhone, and then they won’t have their petty performance or battery issues.

  23. I wish Apple would get their act together and allow Adobe Flashplayer on the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. It’s my laptop away from home.

  24. I was really keen on the iPad – but lost complete interest in the device when I found out that it does not support Flash.
    I don’t really care why it doesn’t work; but Flash has become such an integral part of the Internet that I don’t want to do without. I can grudgingly put up with a lack of flash on the iPhone – it has afterall many other points going for it.
    But no Flash on the iPad is a deal breaker. After all that’s a device made for the Internet. And the Internet without Flash these days is only half the Internet without Flash.
    This is neither a writeup for Adobe Flash nor a rant against Apple – it’s just a basic reality.
    At least for me the iPad without Flash support is a useless device – it has too many limitations. Copying the iPhone is clearly a hard ask for the competition. The same can’t be said of the iPad.

  25. due to the slowly buffering speed, Jobs refused to embed the flash player to iPhone. so every time i convert flash swf and flv myself with iWisoft swf to video converter which can change swf to mp4 without any frame loss. maybe you can try.


    — is mostly used for annoying ads.

    — is a battery and resource hog.

    — has notorious instability and insecurity issues.

    — is pretty.

    So, looking at the plusses and minuses above, one doesn’t need a degree in rocket science to see why Apple initially disallowed Flash on the iPhone. The reason its STILL not there could be:

    a. Adobe hasn’t been able to come up with a version of Flash that meets Apple’s requirements.
    b. Apple likes HTML5 better than Flash and is trying to force/speed adoption
    c. AIR is the worst pos idea to come out of Adobe since they killed GoLive.

    Take your pick.

  26. Hey all,
    i’m sure that i and everyone who thinks like me on the world want Adobe Flash Player to be on their iPhones. And if the Apple thinks of that commercially, let it release for iPhones…

  27. What a joke no flash player!!! Ipad forget it , would have been cool but I won’t buy one. Apple better get in the game or I’m done and if they come out with another iPhone that has a flashplayer I’m not buying it! Everyone that asks me how I like my phone I tell them it’s missing at least half of the Internet! Pretty weak apple STEP IT UP!!!

  28. All we know that flash trend to be unstable and the pages developed with this technology are HEAVY. Silverlight and JavaFX are good, more reliable alternatives for the specific cases when you need advanced multimedia content in your site.

    I never use Flash in the sites I develop and my clients are happy about that, specially because they don’t have to spend a lot of money in expensive licences they don’t really need.

    Any way. Apple has all those nazi-commercial policies and practices and deliveratly excluding Flash from the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is just an example of that.

  29. Last year I noticed from my Log Files that the 17% of my web contacts came from mobile

    devices and that the 90% of that were coming from Iphones. I also noticed that the 95% of

    my clients own an Iphone. I have two web sites (http://www.wedding-photographer.it/ and

    http://www.fotografo-matrimonio.biz/ ) that drive me a lot of clients and so I decide to

    develop a non flash based section of the sites. While Apple and Adobe are arguing I have to

    find an alternative.

  30. Adobe provides free access to the Flash Player — Apple doesn’t currently pay for access on Mac OSX, nor do other participants in the Open Screen Project such as Google, RIM, Nokia, etc.
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  31. Thank you guys. I myself was among those who have downloaded the Flash Player. You are really professionals. Stella from mahjong association.

  32. Well if there is no chance of getting adobe flash player on the I phone next time I change my phone I’m not going to get another one untill they do. The I phone is the best phone I have ever had but this let’s it down so much & there are products out there to have instead. Come on apple sort it out or you may well find that you have shot yourself in the foot.

  33. i have the iphone 3gs and with all the hype about the iphone i took it as a given that the flashplayer could be installed, espeically as they are priced at such an amount that i could have bought a laptop with the money i spent on my iphone, may i should have done my resrearch, may then tho i wouldmt have bought it. what really makes me angry is the fact there is no valid reason for apple to say no, is it sheer stuborness why they wont say yes to the fplayer, dont these people know it pays to keep ur customers happy, its not like iphone isnt smart enough to have flashplayer, so why are they dumbing down the iphone there own product ? look the ipone right now is good why not unlaesh its potential and make it brilliant…..

  34. adobe flash player for iPhone, it’s the big move for adobe……I love it.
    i hope it’s not a ?????
    i’ll wait for it!

  35. I think it is a real shame why apple still haven’t make it possible to get the adobe flash player. I thought all this time that the iPhone the technique of adobe player could not cope. This is my second iPhone, but I also immediately my final one. Go look for a good alternative. IPhone Minus points: NO BLUETOOTH, NO ADOBE REALPLAYER

  36. I guess Apple iPhones will never get an Adobe Flash Player.. Cause if they do, expect the markets of other Apple’s product such as laptops and iPads will be down.. LOL

    Anyway I still own 2 iPhones, 2G and 3GS.. Love them both..

  37. I love my iphone!!! With or without flash. I mean i’ll love it more with a flash player, but even without flash, not a single phone is half as good as an iphone.
    There’s millions of app out there that could replace anything a flash website have to offer, and a million time more. So you want a phone to oppen flash websites, dont buy iphone, but if you want a phonr for everithong else then iphone is the answare

  38. Iphone is great but will be even better with flash player? my only guess is the amount of money involve. Adrian Ludwig
    tried to explain the situation but the only thing he didn’t talk about is the contract? i dont assume flash player been giving to iphone for free?

  39. Yerh yerh sounds all sweet, but come on apple adobe sort your THING out already just push tha button and let’s get it on. As if apple an adobe won’t benefit from it and more importantly us the customers, look at the big picture apple adobe. Yerh don’t get me wrong I lik mi iPhone but NEEDS adobe flash player,
    Cher iPhone bro 4 NOW