Videos will be leading the "mobile first" revolution

Kevin_beettv.pngIn a recent interview with, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch talked about trends in the design and creation of content. As smartphone sales outpace PC sales, he expects more and more consumer entertainment content and applications to be created for mobile devices first, in a reversal of today’s PC-first approach. Kevin points out that given the explosive growth of video content available on the Web and that a growing number of smartphone users are expecting to access more video content over the Web, videos will be soon produced and optimized for small screen devices before the traditional personal computers. You can watch the entire video interview with Kevin on

To read more on creating a new breed of rich Internet applications optimized across devices visit Adobe Developer Center, where you can download whitepapers and learn about best practices for designing contextual applications. Let us know if you notice this trend as well, and share your thoughts and experiences in creating content and applications across different devices.

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