You have to come to Flash Camp Brasil

In about a month and a half I will be traveling to beautiful Maceió for Flash Camp Brasil. This is shaping up to be a great event with an impressive group of speakers. In addition to many local speakers there are several international speakers coming including myself, Joshua Hirsch from Big Spaceship, and fellow evangelist Danny Dura. Oh and did I mention that Maceió is a tropical paradise with crystal clear water and beaches?

My session is entitled Desenvolvimento para Mobile e para Desktop com Flash e AIR 2.0, which I’m pretty sure is Portuguese for Developing for Mobile and Desktop with Flash and AIR. My session will cover all of the new stuff surrounding iPhone development, smart phones with Flash Player 10.1, as well as the new features in Adobe AIR 2.0. Of course I will be giving away some software as well.

Danny will be doing a session on the new multi-touch features that are a part of Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.0. He was one developers who built an awesome multi-touch Twitter application for the Adobe MAX conference in LA. Josh will be doing a session on the inner workings of Big Spaceship, which in my opinion is the most cutting edge interactive agency around. I have seen this talk twice and it is an amazing insider’s guide to how they generate creative ideas.

In addition to the geeky Flash stuff there will also be a lot of extra-curricular activities as well. I will be doing a dead drop during the conference, which will be the first one ever in South America. There will also be plenty of drinking and other shenanigans going as well. You get all this for less than $25 US dollars or $40,00 Reais. There is no excuse not to come so go and register now.


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