Flash Player 10.1 coming to Motorola Droid

It’s been a big week for us here on the Flash Platform Team, with Flash Player 10.1 being shown publicly on a number of Android devices for the first time. Earlier today Motorola announced that we’ve been working with them on delivering Flash Player 10.1 for the Motorola DROID. Below is a quick video showing some great content that you’ll be able to access on the Droid, including the BBC, New York Times , and even some really cool animation done by the folks at AngryAlien.com

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98 thoughts on “Flash Player 10.1 coming to Motorola Droid

  1. When can we get a beta or dev version? I don’t mind if its 100% but I would love to play around and see what has been accomplished to-date.

  2. I would be willing to test the Beta version of flash 10.1. I have a Moto Droid and I want flash badly on my phone
    . I have beta tested many programs for many companys so please let me know as soon as you need someone out here to test. Thanks, Diane

  3. Is there an official release date or a decent estimated release date for flash on Motorola Droid?

  4. Hi, I see that you and motorola are working together to get flash player to the new droid. thats so great!! i want to know if you have an est. date in mund when it will be availble?

  5. Yes. Please, please get the Android version out. The Motorola Droid is an outstanding device. The lack of Flash is a very, very serious issue in competition with the iPhone. I’d love to have any early, beta, whatever versions now. Thanks, — Jim

  6. Can you send to this email once the App for Adobe is ready for Droid …or do you want anyone to assist in test to support efforts. I have a local paper that requires Adobe to read the paper and I would love to see it on Droid. If helps to know the paper it is Thefranklinpress.com. Thank you and look forward to a verision that works for the Droid and would love to help test if helpful…

  7. Same here. i have a motorola droid and i’ve been dying to get my hands on it.
    if it’s not perfect yet, that’s fine. lets get hands on a beta version. atleast give us a tentative date

    thanks !

  8. So are the many Droid users going to get 10.1 or is it only running on the nexus one. Because when you go to the download screen it said that 10.1 isn’t available for this device or OS.

  9. Hey guys. You left out the most important part of your announcement: when is the planned release date? Even if it’s a public beta. If you don’t have a firm release date, at least tell us that. That’s the info we’re all looking for.

  10. Posting from my Motorola Droid to let you know how excited I am. Being able to view this video and countless others on a mobile device will truly groundbreaking. If you need testers for anything, you have my Droid and my time.

  11. Is the Flash Player out for download yet? We need it in a big way as accessing many of our fav sites remain unsupported.
    Thanks in advance and hope to see the new Flash for the Droid up and running soon!

  12. I would like to no the release date of adobe flash for the droid and is there a beta release yet?

  13. it seems no one knows when the release date is for adobe flash player 10.1 for the new droid. more than likely it will be posted wen it is released..

  14. This is great news, when will it come out, and when it does, will I be able to play games on websites like miniclip or addictinggames

  15. Plz just release it now!!!!!!!!! I buy a Droid & find out no flash player whatttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Most sources say first half of 2010, some say as early as first quarter, but with no official release date we may need to wait longer. Can’t wait for the flash player on my droid, which the promise of a flash was the primary, decisive selling point for me.

  17. Can you tell me please when I can be looking for FLASH to be released for the Motorola Droid?

  18. I bought my Droid Nov 13 and have been waiting for over three months for the flash player. This is equivalent to a year in tech devices. Also my $125 BlueAnt BT headset in not compatible with the Droid and Motorola, Verizon, & BlusAnt all blame each other for the BLUETOOTH incompatibility. I thought this was supposed to be a universal standard.
    I think the droid is not nearly as user-friendly as they would like us to think.

  19. Since you are showing video in January of a flash player 10.1 on the moto Droid; and it’s two months later; you must have a beta or a release date available. Please advise; so many of us won’t be forced to look elsewhere. Thanks.

  20. Pent up demand… Are we nearing the magical Date? Google really dropped the ball on this one. Other than the flash player its a fantastic product (Motorola Droid) Cheers 🙂

  21. When will it be ready, I would like to be a beta tester. I have the Droid and waiting on the flash player.

  22. This is ridiculous. There still is no date or even estimated date for Beta or Prod release? It really is a pain to use the droid (web browsing) without it. Please at least post a release date.

  23. Do you have an ETA for the release date for Flash for the Droid? Really looking forward to it and checking back every week. Would be nice to know an estimate? Throw all of us Droid users a bone PLEASE and give us a target date. Only info found says early in 2010. Month? Thanks so much, looking forward to it!!

  24. Typical Motorola! Leave out a let component and leave their Customer in the dark.

  25. I have a Motorola Droid, just curious on the release date for the flash 10.1 for it.

  26. When will adobe flash player be released for the Droid?
    I would be willing to test out the beta version flash 10.1. I have 2 boys who love to play games, but can’t.

  27. We need some kind of hint that you guys are still working on the flash for the Droid. At first the message you would get(when you try to download flash) was wait for first half. Now all we get is a not supported message. It is causing people to loose faith and there is nasty rumors that you changed the message because there wont be a release now.

  28. When will flash be out for DROID? If possible I would love to test a beta version in the mean time while y’all complete it. Id love to help anyway that’s possible.

  29. Well apple does what they say their gonna do said they would release ipad today and did I’m going back to the iphone.

  30. I am really anxious for the Flash for the droid. Could we possibly get a estimated release date? plz thanks

  31. Please release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for DroidPlease release Flash for Droid

  32. Hoping to find out when the flash release date is for the stood eris…i would even like to test the beta version if there is one… thanks

  33. This is bullshit I have seen the demo’s and you guys can’t even give us at least a ball park figure when it will be available to everyone else. What are you guys sitting back laughing your asses off knowing we are all on pins and needles waiting for this flash player to come out.

  34. Please anyone as soon as this release is out, send me a download link. Even if it is a beta for now, I have a moto droid and I am desperate!!!

  35. Adobe showed Flash for the Motorola Droid 4 months ago, and we still don’t have it? When can we expect it?

  36. It says DROID DOES…why doesn’t DROID have a FLASH if it “DOES” everything?
    It shouldof had “IT” from the start…smh.

    Trust I love my DROID, BUT don’t say IT DOES when it DOESN’T….
    when will the FLASH be released?? b/c ao far IT DOESN”T

  37. Just wanting to know when the flash 10.1 for my Motorola Droid is coming out….Am willing to test a Beta version.

  38. I finally got the Android FW v2.1 was really disappointed Flash Player 10.1 plugin was not included in the browser update. When is the release date for the Moto Droid?

  39. I think it really sucks, that u can’t download adobe flash on the droid yet. Hopeffully it comes out soon!

  40. @Stelle, thank you for your patience! Adobe, Google and Motorola are working hard to make this happen as soon as possible. We are still on track to make Flash Player 10.1 available on Android by the first half of 2010.

  41. Hi Jim, no specific dates yet, but we are still on track for releasing Flash Player 10.1 on Android within the first half of 2010. Thanks!

  42. Hi Jerm, it should be very soon. We are working hard with Google and Moto to make the Flash Player 10.1 available by the first half of 2010. Thanks for your patience!

  43. Hi Ron,

    Our engineering teams are making good progress as you have seen the demos in various videos that we have posted as well as live demos at Mobile World Congress in February. So we are still on track to release Flash Player 10.1 on Android by the first half of this year. Thanks for your patience!


  44. When you say first half of 2010. When is that? It is mid May right now. Just curious.

  45. The first half of 2010 is almost over, will we have it in the next month and a half????

  46. Can we have the exact day now? Please dont give me the generic corporate cop out about being available in the first half because that is over. 5/30/10. 5:44pm est.

  47. Can we have the exact day now? Please dont give me the generic corporate cop out about being available in the first half because that is over. 5/30/10. 5:44pm est.

  48. actually the first half is not over until midnight on June 30th but I will be right there with you if we dont have flash 10.0 out by then. I bought the Droid the week it came out and have been waiting patiently since then for Flash to work.

  49. Michelle or whoever… I need a release date for Flash 10.1. It didn’t come with 2.2 for the original Droid! Thanks

  50. I just got the froyo (2.2) update today. I was pretty sure I had to have that to get adobe 10.1 flash. But I can’t download the flash player. I’ve seen phones that have the flash, how do I get it?

  51. I believe it when you finally make it available. Same delays and hype since December 09 with the promise of 1st quarter of 2010. Then the 2nd quarter hype. Third quarter almost over and the same old promise and hype. Are you really going to produce it?

  52. So basically our wonderful phone carriers aren’t allowing our phones to have flash…so we will get impatient and buy a newer phone ..even though 2.2 supports flash..we can’t have it yet…..just like I can’t make my phone a mobile hotspot..because even though 2.2 supports it, and I already pay about 100 for my verizon service…verizon feels that mobile hotspot deserves another twenty f+*king dollars every month…..

  53. diane is just making stuff up to try to get it early. “I have beta tested many products be so please contact me because me beta testing a random product makes me more qualified then someone who hasn’t” Guess what guys? I was once the president of Cairo Egypt and my name is hoopootookoo. I was also the first person to get the pharaoh system removed and the presidency put in. I once went skydiving without a parachute and with a blind fold on. I just all of a sudden grew wings so i could survive. Does all this make me more qualified than these idiots? It should because it has so much to do with beta testing an adobe product

  54. If anyone is smart they can figure out how to download the beta version which works just fine…. I’m not posting a link because everyone needs to do the legwork themselves. It’s out there I use it and its AWESOME!!!! The only downfall is that it does not occupy the full screen and the beta version doesn’t optimize the videos on websites to play without being so choppy. But whatever I’m still one of the first to have flash on my phone…

  55. YAY for you Steve, you get a gold star. Such a big boy,being one of the first people to have flash on your phone…oh, what was that… you did the leg work all by your self, oh im so proud of you!

  56. I just got a Motorola Drode x. It is telling me that I can’t download Adobe Flash player 10.1! I need this for certain things on my phone. I pay for the phone and 100 a month in services and I don’t understand why we can’t get the download or an answer. Please respond with a answer and not a run around.

    • Hi Lisa,

      You need to have Android 2.2 on your phone in order to get Adobe Flash Player for your smartphone. The Droid X does not yet have Android 2.2, but according to Verizon, it’s coming soon. You may want to check in with Verizon on timing since these operating system updates to devices are managed by the wireless carriers (like Verizon).
      Once you get the update to Android 2.2, when you go to the Android Market, you will see Adobe Flash Player available for download.


  57. I really like to know when you people are to stop beating around the bush with this adobe flash player thing. I have a Motorola Cliq and I been waiting since the mid of summer for flash. You say it’s going to be out by late june, then you say by the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2010, and now you saying January. I like my Motorola and sure do hate to give it up for a Samsung or HTC. I need quality.

  58. We customers pay the same for internet service as someone would pay for the internet on their pc, only disadvantage is the smaller screen. They have the nerve to release a phone that’s not COMPLETE and tell you that you will have the UNLIMITED plan, when no flash player on the internet is a very LIMITED browsing experience. We should be able to do everything on our phones that someone can do on their pc. Put yourselves in the customer’s shoes. We are not asking for favors, we just want what we pay for!

    • Hi Jen,

      Devices with Android 2.2 or higher that meet the minimum hardware requirements will support Flash Player 10.1. As of now, the Cliq doesn’t fall under these criteria.


  59. I’ve got a Droid X that I purhcased back in August. Is it possible to put Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on it?

    • Yes – you can put Flash Player 10.1 on the Droid X. As long as you have Android 2.2 (or higher), go to Android Market and download/install.