Flash Player 10.1 coming to Palm Pre

Today at CES, Palm demonstrated Flash content in the browser on a Palm Pre. Palm’s press release states that developers can expect to download a free Adobe Flash Player 10.1 plug-in from the Palm App Catalog in the coming months. Palm webOS will be one of the first mobile platforms to support the full Flash Player in the web browser. Here you can check out a quick demo by Adrian Ludwig showing various Flash games from Armor Games and Miniclip.com on a Palm Pre.

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61 thoughts on “Flash Player 10.1 coming to Palm Pre

  1. I’d love to talk about how cool that video is, but it’s flash, and i’m on a pre. =(

    it’s hard to get stoked about promises of flash “in the coming months” when flash was initially promised in 2009.

  2. I agree.. sooo when exactly are we supposed to be getting this? Enough with the vague promises.

  3. very tru abobe flash has been promised for a while and I to use a pre and would love to enjoy it already (sigh). Stop procrastinating and teasing us and just release the update already. Lol

  4. When?!! We are still waiting for flash for Palm WebOS!! Vaporware or just running late, how about an update?!!

  5. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the inquiry! Flash Player 10.1 has been demoed live on Palm WebOS recently at Web 2.0 in San Francisco. In terms of when Flash Player 10.1 will be shipping on the first WebOS device, we defer to Palm/HP to make the public announcement.

    Best regards,


  6. wow promises promises as soon as I get the chanve I’m getting a black berry, the palm pre is a great phone for people that have time to be behind the power curve. For the cost the palm pre has turned out to be a bad investment for me.

  7. hi i am also waiting for the opportunity to have the flash player on my palm pre but i see u guys are behind on this. so, can i at least be notified of when we will finally be able to download it straight from our phone. thanx ill be waiting for a responce. good bye now

  8. This is huge for Flash player. I am so stoked there is an iPhone option with the new Flash it’s abosolutely amazing. Keep up the good work Adobe. Keep it up.

  9. Its been a long time coming for flash coming to the palm pre. It definitely makes the palm better to use with flash. I am waiting for the next upgrade. Keep up the good work.

  10. Its a good news that Palm Pre is now integrating Flash Player. Palm webOS will be one of the first mobile platforms to support the full Flash Player in the web browser. Thanks

  11. Its been a long time coming for flash coming to the palm pre. It definitely makes the palm better to use with flash. I am waiting for the next upgrade. Keep up the good work.

  12. Please, Just tell us when! I’m turing in to a Palm hater. I would have signed on with another verizon phon had I known that I CANT gt news videos. What a ripoff! Verizon owes me another phone or I’ll sign with Att. Should have krpt my old 700p!

  13. Why can’t SOMEBODY take responsibility for this unacceptable wait? I’m even thinking (God forbid) Windows 6.5– It works…PS–Refund us our Pre & Pre plus- Its off the Veriz & Att.list anyway–You have abandoned us!!!

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flash will work on an iPhone before it does on the Palm Pre.

  15. I agree with every comment on this blog. I remember the notice that stated “Adobe Flash Player coming to Palm Pre in Early 2010…” How does that promise trsnslate into now August ’10? It’s simply ridiculous…I’d rather be told “Adobe Flash Player coming to Palm Pre when h*** freezes over..” That way I can drop my hopes, buy a new phone and a new pair of ice skates while I am at it!

  16. I’m am completely appauled with this…when I was talked into buying this phone from the store that sold it too me I was promised that a flash player was coming too this phone soon…..early 2010 my butt! What is it now?? Almost September!!! And yet no Flash player…it is the only reason I let the sales person talk me into taking this phone cus I was excited about the flash player and full internet on it…yet I’m still waiting in extreme dissapointment! And why is this phone worth so much more than an iphone or blackberry can you tell me that…i am appauled and want too trade this piece of crap for something else!!!

  17. Matt,The site yu refer us to does NOT include web os(Palm). I’m sure we ALL know that 10.1 in now on Android, but NOT Palm web os..Adobe & Palm being dishosest about all this & buzz is They are ALL dropping Palm & concentrating ONLY o Android!! …Pissed….Barry

  18. Att: Adobe…Do you guys read this blog?…Anybody close to Flashplayer 10.1 project? What is the latest on delivery to web.os (Palm Pre Plus) …The date please! …-no more stalling- PLEASE! – WHEN??? -On Fire, Barry

    • Hi Barry,

      We released to partners in June. While the rollout for Android devices has begun, we can’t comment on the timing in behalf of our other platform partners including Palm/HP.


  19. yeahhh right … Coming soon … When is this really going to happen …?
    hope they do it before we palm fans go out and by an iphone…

  20. thats true. I have been keeping tabs on this update since january 2010. when if ever will it actually be available on the palm pre. this is rediculous, the update has been promised for a very long time & still no results. i love my phone, but it would be even better if i could do everything else i like to do on my laptop.

  21. Come on guys, what the hell happened over there? We were all promised this stuff back when we bought it a year ago… where is it?

    These Palm phones cost a bundle of cash, the least they can do is play Flash files. Non Adobe based files play just fine on my phone, why is it that yours won’t??? You took over the market with your flashplayer, but then won’t put the time and effort into it to make sure we all have access.

    Enough already.

    • Hi –

      We released to partners in June. We realize there are a lot of people waiting for Flash Player for their Palm device. While the rollout for Android devices has begun, we can’t comment on the timing for our other platform partners including Palm/HP.


  22. Matt, Adobe is FAST losing cred.on this non-happening Flash for Palm. Your response is the “party line” -twice- on this site & is sounding like a broken record! GIVE US A DATE PLEASE—Too many failed promises already!!!

    • I know it sounds like a company line… Getting Flash technology on devices is a 2-way street. We work with the companies creating the devices/OS’s to help make it all work. In the case of mobile development for Flash Player, there is a lot of effort to be done to get Flash Player working on smaller devices with less processing power. The final shipping of Flash Player for a particular device depends on the device manufacturer.


  23. Perhaps when the said it would be release in early ’10’ they meant 3010 and not 2010… enough of the stalling people we would like a straight answer! What is the hold up? if its not going to happen please lets us know so we can migrate to another phone that does support the functions we need and were promised!

  24. Why Don’t We Just Have The Android System Because Thats Coming Along Just Fine. We Have No Good Apps, And We Really Cant Do Anything On The Palm System.

  25. Come on adobe I love flash player 10 one my cpu . Just praying that the test will be done soon or atleast realease a beta version. I don’t mind little glitches really need flash for palm pre badly.

  26. Loved my 755p. When I got my Pre+ back around April/May I was told about ALL the GREAT things it could do…and would be even BETTER by the end of June when Flash 10.1 was available. Well, it’s September and ALL I hear/read is delay, delay, DELAY!!!!! Funny thing–when I go on the web on my Pre+ to get update info for about Flash 10.1, I can’t see the videos as they require Flash 10.1! O.K.–NOT FUNNY! How ’bout at least giving us a Beta version–like they show running on Pre and update later. Next phone upgrade will NOT be a Palm!!!!!!!! In the meantime, I will continue to let EVERYONE know about this!

  27. WHEN THE F### ARE THEY COMING OUT WITH THE ADOBE FLASH PLAYER 10.1 FOR PALM PRE . “just in a few months” BULL S###. Don’t buy the palm pre the droid 2 is a very good phone so buy that.

  28. dang… All we want is at least a beta versoin of flash I’ve been trying to keep tabs on the release date but it seems like everyones keeping their mouths closed! You guys can’t even give a fliping release date? Come on something gotta give! I mean if you guys aren’t coming to the webos just freaking say it! If if you are, give us a date! Da*m that’s all we are asking and you guys can’t even give us that! What the hell is the hold up?! Allot of palm pre owners getting tired of waiting (like myslef)

  29. I can’t beleave the guy at the store said this was a good phone I was going to get the driod which was alot Better,but no palm pre was a “better phone”

  30. I too had the palm 755 and was disappointed when I got this phone in June of last year and it didn’t do what the previous palms did. I mean post-its for a memo section?!? Who’s idea was that. This phone has been behind on every single development. I hated trying to input 1100 addresses that I have from my previous phone because the new and improved couldn’t transfer addresses. I am looking toward the droid. I work for a major corporation and this phone has let me down at every turn. As for the flash player. Its just another expected disappointment. Its really sad that such a good company is turning out to be mediocre. This phone would be great for a person not so serious about business.

  31. I had a dream….or was it real? That flashplayer 10.1 will NOT be released at all for Palm…& they have just been stalling for a release of a new phone with HP logo.(not Palm) Does this not make sense? Lets face it, Verizon has already dumped Palm…They are not even on display….Sprint too…Sales people are told to sway customers to Android which IS getting 10.1 in the next few days. We have been had -Pre guys & gals-. We need a refund! Too bad, web.os could be so complete. I could actually view news videos on my Centro. sigh- the good ol days!

  32. I made the mistake of getting the Verizon Palm Pre Plus in June because Flash was coming out any day. I am a position on a college campus to recommend hardware. We are going forward with promoting mobile computing and our Course Management System. Since no Flash for Palm – I can’t promote. I suppose if the company is getting ready to dump the platform…they don’t care.

  33. well palm is getting an upgrade to web os 2.0 with a bunch of new stuff but…. Heres what it is. Corps. Just think it’s an 2 way street I mean you just seen what the guy matt wrote. So it’s forget about the consumer?? Is it that hard to bring flash to the pre? Everyones talking about it except for hp/palm and the flash devs. So forget about the custermers huh? F this phone

  34. Adobe is not the one to blame for all of this. Palm is the one who has to make the final release…..after all it is their line. Other phones have Flash on theirs because they have better phones and have the money to get things taken care of. Palm is a dieing breed and I will not be surprised if they shut down.

    I will give them some credit for the phones interface, but I have had too many errors and too many empty promises. The only reason I purchased this phone was because it was to be the first phone that would have Flash, and it turns out now it might be the last, if it ever does release it.

    I myself am waiting til the new year and if there is no release by then I plan on getting something better, possibly the HTC Evo, which currently already has Flash running on it because it’s driven by Android. I feel everyone’s pain.

  35. I am considering talking to a few lawyer friends of mine to start a class action suit on the grounds of failed promises. Anyone interested in joining this suit? I am sure we have a case.

  36. Adam, I’m in. The Pre plus was advertised as *Quote- “A full featured” Phone.. It is not! & this is false advertising. Palm must release 10.1 NOW or it will surely lose ALL I’ts owners. Are you listiting HP?

  37. I agree as well, and I’m definitely upset with palm just as much for all the time they wasted by producing a phone that wasn’t finished and had to sell to HP because of it. And the loyal palm customers get stuck in the time lapse. They are probably more focused on a new product already which will try and sway us to dump the pre and continue with the options we were first offered from the beginning…. Very disappointing.

  38. Palm made a false promise not only about the Adobe Flash, but also about the Document to Go application for editing documents in word and Power Point formats. So much for the Palm Or HP, I definitely go to the HTC EVO. Lessons learned. Do not ever buy unfineshed products. Do not ever believe what you do not see.

  39. I’m a lil upset, now I gotta dish out money for the Droid! Something deep inside was telling me not to listen to the salesman

  40. It’s the silent treatment that is driving us mad. Be a man–Palm,Adobe & Verizon. Get real with us & inform us WHAT & WHEN.-WHERE is the VERY LATE-PROMISED- 10.1.- It ‘s your silence thats pushing me to ATT & NON PALM products. Palm-You will PAY dearly if you don’t fess up SOON!!!!

  41. hey I’m in for the lawsuit! Being a loyal palm customer since the old palm pilots…i thought(falsely) that the Pre was an obvious choice for the “next generation” of phones! Well now I know better with brand loyalty…android here I come!

  42. do they understand they are losing customers and credibility? Like most other people I will never touch this manufacturer again.

  43. I’m so mad that I can’t watch tv on my phone! I had a LG Lotus Elite, which was a great phone! Disappointing to say the least!

  44. count me in on that class action suit….its the only way to get what is owed to us for over a year of a half assed phone that was promised to be a fully functional full featured smartphone. They must live up to their advertised promises…ask Sony. Class action or small claims….our only real hope for a resolution!

  45. When is palm pre getting adobe flash player? The main reason I got my phone was because I heard they were supposed to be getting flash in the first half of 2010 well the first half has past and still nothing. This is the first phone I heard that was gonna be getting flash and now phones like the Htc Evo and verizon droid have it before palm. What’s going on with the long wait Palm!?

  46. I just had to pay another 700+ dollars to replace 2 plam pres with htc evo. I think we all should file the suit. Any other company would have live up to the claims they make. And plam did use flash as one of it’s biggest selling points.

  47. I agree with everyone here. I’ve been waiting for this flash thing to come around ever since I bought this phone over a year ago! I keep noticing promise after promise and yet we don’t see it happening. My brother recently got an EVO and it already has flash! Is it just me or does it seem like every single person who spent their hard earned money on this phone has been screwed?

  48. this is seriously messed up! I plan on emailing palm to see what they plkan on doing for us the customer about this dropped promise.

  49. We have all been screwed folks. so many of us are now wanting to sue–so lets do it to palm like they did to us. we have been lied to & left for dead. the truth is coming clear that plam is rolling out 2 new phones (late Nov.) with 2.0 & flash 10.1.& leaving us in the dust. What about us loyal cust.who had high hopes for Pre??? –I wll NOT buy Palm-HP ever again…… Hope you wont either… Looks llke Wndows 7 REALLY ROCKS (I was there for the rollout
    Monady 10-11 in NYC…Yes I will be willing to go AT&T for satisfaction. BC

  50. Hello,

    This is Manu from Adobe. We recognize the frustration in the community due to this delay in rolling out Flash Player 10.1 to your Palm devices.

    We at Adobe continue to work with Palm/HP on bringing Flash Player 10.1 to WebOS. The work now remains with Palm/HP to optimise and release the Player in market.

    We still have a great partnership with Palm/HP and continue to support them in bringing access to the full, uncompromised internet to WebOS based devices.

    Thank you,
    Manu S. Anand
    Adobe Systems.