Flash Player 10.1 on Motorola Droid and Motorola Backflip

The latest in our series of Flash Player 10.1 video demos comes hot on the heels of Motorola’s announcement of the Backflip, Droid and it’s Milestone variant.

You will remember that at MAX 2009 we showed a disguised Android device, previously unannounced, running Flash Player 10.1. That was in fact the Droid, and with our continued partnership with Motorola and Google it’s great to see Flash Player 10.1 start to filter through the platform. From a developer perspective, this is a good indicator that we’re now able to bring Flash to devices by platform; in this case Android 2.x.

In his video demo, Adrian shows the New York Times website which is now able to detect these Android devices and provide a more complete web experience including video, images and animations which until now have only been suited to the desktop.

Most news and entertainment sites today are using Flash to playback their video content, engaging with their audiences using rich media throughout their sites.

The award winning BBC News site is also shown in this video, and interestingly shows some nice device detection from the BBC whereby highly optimized video is sent across the web as they detect lower bandwidths using the Flash Media Server.

As with our other videos, these are teasers to give you some idea of the wide scope of devices including WebOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Linux that will be able to run Flash Player 10.1 later this year.


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