Some questions about HTML 5 video

Now before I even start this post let me make something clear. I am trying to do some research on HTML 5 video and have some questions that I’m hoping someone can help me with. I’m planning on doing some demos as I am genuinely interested in trying to build some players. Any comments that try to rekindle the flame war from the last post will be deleted. Let’s keep this one about the technology, not whether HTML 5 video is better than Flash, etc. OK so here are my questions. Any help would be much appreciated.

  1. Is there a definitive reference for both the video tag and the JS API used to communicate with it?
  2. My assumption is that each browser provides a default set of controls. Can these be modified or do you need to start from scratch?
  3. How do you do true streaming with the video tag (i.e. not progressive download)?
  4. Is it possible to provide some form of DRM protection for video in HTML 5?
  5. Is there a tool that is optimal for encoding Ogg videos for Firefox?
  6. I remember reading that you can seek to any part of a video even if it hasn’t been downloaded yet. Is that true and if so, how is that achieved?
  7. Is there no hope for IE ever supporting the video tag?

Thanks in advance for the respectful commenting :)

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