Buy some cool Flash stuff and help out Haiti

Chuck Freedman has created a great auction on eBay where all of the proceeds go to charities that are helping people in Haiti. There are many cool Flash collectibles up there for you to grab and I have also donated a bunch of items for the cause. The items below won’t show up until Chuck updates the auction page but you can at least see what I donated.

Official Flash on the Beach Speaker Bag
This is an unused Timbuk2 messenger bag (sorry John). It even still has the tag on it.

Big Pile of Foreign Money
Collected over the last two years of evangelism travel. Includes money from Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Costa Rica, and more. Even includes some cool coins with holes in them. No idea of the total value and I’m too lazy to try to figure it out.

Raw DV Tapes from the OnAIR Tours
These tapes are filled with footage from the US and European OnAIR tours. Who knows what kind of material might be on these tapes.

Essa Porra! T-Shirt
It’s the phrase that is sweeping across Brasil. One of only two made by me on SpreadShirt. XL American Apparel shirt.

Two Official Dead Drop Coins
Too lazy to compete in an actual dead drop? Then this is the item for you. You get two coins. One to play with and the other to store for safe keeping.

My Old iPhone 3G
Used extensively during my first year on the evangelism job. I now use a 3GS. I have used this one to view countless blue legos. Jail break this puppy and have fun!

Flash Speaker Badge Collection
A huge stack of official speaker badges from conferences like Flash on the Beach, FITC, MAX, FlashPitt, and many more. All have cool lanyards including the one from MAX with the built-in USB key.

Big Ass Sticker Pack (BASP)
Large collection of stickers (more than is shown here). Includes the original stickers from the OnAIR tour,, Flickr, Yahoo, WordPress, and other must haves.

Give generously so we can do our part for Haiti,

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