Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR on NVIDIA Tegra-powered tablets

At Mobile World Congress, Adobe’s Julie Campagna caught up with Neil Trevett, vice president of mobile content at NVIDIA.  In this video on Adobe TV, she asks him about Flash Player 10.1, AIR, and the new tablet devices that are powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra family of mobile processors. Trevett had some good things to say about the Flash Platform, “Flash Player 10.1 is awesome—it’s enabling technology.”  And what about AIR on devices?  “It’s the most exciting thing at MWC,” he added.

The video includes demonstrations of HD video (hardware acceleration enables up to 1080p resolution) on tablet devices running Android as well as a very slick new interactive magazine experience based on WIRED magazine and powered by AIR 2.0. Watch the whole video below.

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23 thoughts on “Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR on NVIDIA Tegra-powered tablets

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