Flash Camp Asia Tour Recapped

I finally back in San Mateo after an awesome two-week Flash Camp tour of Asia. This was one of the best trips that I have taken while at Adobe and it just reinforced how strong the community is over there. Mike Chambers and I had the great pleasure of traveling with a literal Flash dream team consisting of Erik Ribbon Natzke, Mario Cleaning Man Klingemann, Ralph Milky Balls Hauwert, and a host of local talent.

Our first stop was in Tokyo, which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite cities in the world. We had a packed house of 500 Flashers who stayed the entire day and were a great crowd. The second stop was in Seoul, Korea and it was an equally impressive event. Below are some random thoughts from the tour.

Adobe Japan rocks
The event in Tokyo was flawless thanks to the efforts of the Adobe Japan team. Sho Nishiyama did an amazing job coordinating the event that included live streaming and lots of social media integration. Mariko Nishimura once again proved to be the ultimate tour guide, translator, and community representative for our trip. We had lots of fun exploring the city and meeting with the community. Shawn Pucknell and FITC organized the Seoul event and it was also a rousing success.

Karaoke gone wild
I knew that karaoke was big in Asia so it was no surprise when it was decided to go on our first night in Tokyo. This was one of the wilder nights on the tour with lots of drinking and bad crooning. Mario clearly had the best skills amongst the foreigners but the local Japanese all stayed easily in tune. For some reason I threw a glass of beer on Mario but from my memory, it was somehow because of Ralph. Some of us also went to karaoke in Seoul which was also a memorable experience to say the least.

The ultimate lineup
I thought this tour was particularly effective because of the speaker lineup. Mike and I both presented on all the new features coming in Flash CS5 and Flash Builder 4. These concrete sessions were followed by the incredibly inspiring work of Ralph, Mario, and Erik. Ralph’s session went deep into his amazing 3D work and other skunkwork projects that he is working on. I learn something new every time I watch Ralph. Mario delivered a very funny and inspiring session and was my favorite of the tour. My favorite quote had to be “well people on the beach must have thought I was the cleaning man, but actually I am the Klingemann.” Erik finished off the event with his Art of Play presentation that blew away the crowd in both cities. He swarmed by fans after his presentation and was clearly the fan favorite. The highlight had to be when he started having fun with the translators in Seoul during his session.

Photography tour
One thing all the tour members have in common is a love of photography. We spent a lot of time exploring the cities and snapping photos. In my case I was recording video with my amazing new EOS 7D. I recorded everything I need for the 3rd issue of Flasher Magazine. Check out the Flickr sites of Mike, Ralph, Mario, and Erik to see some of the shots from the tour.

Random memories without explanation
TFS, edIT, bip and bop, Kill Bill steakhouse, chicken cartilage, breakfast, randomness connoisseur, Natzke F*ck Yeah!, Quasimondo feels good in your mouth, bite bye, soju pounding, and the Gap model.

Hopefully we will do this again next year!

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