Great New Extension for Flash Builder 4

Flash Builder 4 brings with it a ton of new features for Flash and Flex developers. The new data features, Flex 4 support, and tight integration with Flash Professional makes it a very exciting release. The one area where things could be improved is the ActionScript editing features. Our friends over at FDT have been putting in a host of great new features that I only wish were in Flash Builder.

Well I have just come across an awesome extension for Flash Builder 4 called SourceMate that can bridge the gap between Flash Builder and FDT. Below is a list of the features that you get:

Code Generation
  • Improved Getter/Setter Generation
  • Override/Implements Method Generation
  • Generate Constructor From Fields
  • Generate Constructor From Superclass
  • Generate toString()
  • Generate ASDoc Comments

Code Templates (i.e. Code Snippets)

  • Available via Content Assist and Templates View
  • Works in Both MXML and AS Files
  • Create Custom Templates
  • Import, Export, and Share Templates


  • Disable All trace() Statements
  • ASDoc Generation Wizard
  • Generate Ant build.xml from Project Settings
  • TODO, FIXME, and XXX Task Markers
  • Generate Event Handler in Actionscript
  • Extract Constant
  • Extract Interface
  • Extract Method
  • Extract Variable
  • Change Method Signature
  • Convert Local Variable to Field

Metadata Features

  • Metadata Content Assist
  • Metadata Tag Validation
  • Import/Export Tag Configuration

I have been playing around with the extensions and have found it amazingly helpful. One thing to note is that the current build only works with pre-release versions of Flash Builder 4, not the public beta.


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