Device Central CS5 – Multitouch and Debugger

Of course one of the most long standing and important pieces of integration for Mobile and Devices has been with Flash Professional CS5.  The new version of Flash Professional is what I would call “back on track” after a major gutting, while still adding new features to support mobile and devices.

One of the nicest new additions is the code snippets panel to help you transition from Actionscript 2, as well as a new FLA format based on XML that will help with source control.  Changing the file format is never taken lightly, but I’ve received so much great feedback already for this feature.

In the following video I’m going to walk through the new Multitouch APIs briefly and look at debugging applications between Device Central and Flash Professional.  For some of you that don’t know, with Flash Lite we’ve been without debugger support for five years.  This is like a miracle!

With AIR on Android available later in the year it’s a perfect time to prototype some AIR applications.  You might also begin testing your Flash Player 10.1 content for different browsers using the various instrumentation tools provided; some of which I’ll cover in the next videos.

As with all mobile development it’s much more exciting once you get started!

Thanks to Maso Lin for getting involved in the Pre-release and providing such a nice looking demo.

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