FITC Toronto Dead Drop Explained

FITC Toronto is done for another year and it was again a great event. This year there seemed to be a lot more students and the turnout in general was fantastic. During the conference I did a dead drop for Master Collection CS5, an unlocked Google Nexus One, and admission onto the AIR for Android private beta. Due to my schedule at the conference, this one only consisted of three steps, but it still gave people plenty of trouble. Below are the solutions.

The Good Shepherd

The first clue was fairly straightforward. The image on the left is of Matt Damon from the movie The Good Shepherd. In addition to that you can see the word street on the handrail. A quick look of the streets around the Hilton would reveal Edward street. Edward was the name of the character played by Damon. On Edward street you will find the billboard shown in the image at the right. Comparing the actual location to the photo would reveal that the numbers were removed from the photo. Putting those numbers into the form will get you to the next step. Several people did not recognize Matt Damon and at least one person thought it was Johnny Depp. One person solved this by finding a map of all of the ad locations in the city and somehow they got the correct number.

Japanese Subway

The next step consisted of a photograph taken from the Flickr feed of Mike Chambers. Everyone was definitely over thinking on this one as all you needed to do was to take the image into Photoshop and zoom in on it. Many people were printing out maps of the Tokyo subway and trying to determine the station shown in the photo. If you adjusted the levels of the photo you would see the answer (WH975) printed on the back of a lady’s leg.

The Finish

The last step consisted of the photo above with the text Hilton 31. This was quite easy as you only needed to go to the 31st floor and retrieve the dead drop coin from the pillow shown in the photo. There were several teams that were close to winning, but the prize went to Raz Peel. This was actually great because Raz came in second last year and he worked his ass off on that one. Congratulations Raz!


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