Flash Applications Across Multiple Screens

In the video below, Christian Cantrell shows off a single Flash application running on 5 different screens – two mobile platforms (Motorola Droid based on Android and iPhone OS), a browser, 3 desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux), and the iPad. This 5 minute clip shows the value of the Flash Platform – build your application once, and then have it run across various platforms. Flash Player 10.1 brings this vision to life in the browser on mobile devices, and Flash Professional CS 5 allows you to compile these AIR applications for other platforms that don’t support Flash Player natively, like the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Christian plans on releasing the code for the game in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye on his blog for the code.

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7 thoughts on “Flash Applications Across Multiple Screens

  1. That’s great, no words to say. But it’s so simple app.
    We never saw a real performance example with fps and memory monitoring, particle testing, scrolling mc’s. What about some real performance statistics?
    [I’ve forwarded your comment to Christian – Mike Potter]

  2. Hello,

    yes it’s cool.. but.. like Lock said, in this example it’s a very simple app i could do in full html/JS…

    What about accessing device capabilities and playing around with 3D 🙂 ?

  3. Great! Most positive point of Flash I think is this. I guess it has some kind of limit to run the complicated app fully on iPhone OS. I’m also curious its performance. Looks laggy a bit when turn its view and touch the screen.

  4. You guys may have a problem:


    Apple is really pissing on the line drawn in the sand with this one. You may have to pull all Mac versions of CS5 and Flash players to get Apple’s customers angry enough to force Apple to be reasonable about this. A few devs writing Apple letters isn’t going to do much, not if the frustration over the Safari-Flash embargo hasn’t budged them.

    That’s some pretty sweet stuff. Good luck!


  5. nice demo, perfectly illustrates the great levelling effect of flash.

    I’d have liked Go (as in japanese chess) instead of Reverse as far as pebble games go, but perhaps that can be my killer air app 🙂