Introducing: Flash Coffee Meetups

If you’re anything like me, you probably drink a lot of coffee, love Flash and enjoy talking about geek stuff… Blend all of these ingredients together and you get “Flash Coffee“!

Join Adobe Platform Evangelists from across Europe for a cuppa, an espresso, a double non fat latte or whatever your chosen caffeine jolt is and […]

Cannes Lions widget powered by Adobe and Influxis

The Cannes Lions Festival is only a few weeks away now. The Cannes Lions Festival is a global festival for those working in advertising and related fields. Thousands of delegates from around the world attend the festival to view shortlisted work and attend seminars, workshops and master classes (via Wikipedia).
Adobe is planning lots of seminars and […]

Open Source Media Framework now!

The first release of Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework (OSMF 1.0) can be downloaded for free today from If this isn’t enough, social media start-up KickApps now offers an online service ( available starting today. That certainly makes my Friday!

OSMF was started over a year ago to simplify the development of media players by allowing developers to assemble components to create high-quality, full featured video playback experiences. Key service providers such as Omniture, Akamai, Conviva, Eyewonder and many others have completed plug-ins or submitted code to be included as part of OSMF. OSMF 1.0 also supports the latest Flash Platform initiatives such as Flash Player 10.1, Flash Access 2.0 and HTTP Dynamic Streaming.

In addition to this fully tested, production ready version of OSMF, the team also posted the first prerelease of Strobe Media Playback. Strobe Media Playback is a compiled swf that allows a web developer to get up and running quickly and easily with an OSMF based media player. It basically will look and render the same in every browser (One of the issues with HTML5 video I have worried about is the problems for web developers to ensure a consistent look and feel across all browser/platform combinations and maintain it over time). The out of the box player looks like this:

The team has created a interface that gives the customer a terrific “out of the box” experience. Every group at Adobe who is interested in an easy to use web video experience should talk to the Strobe Media Playback team. The team is working to make SMP even easier to use through a hosted version that can be integrated on a customer’s web page as easily as an HTML 5 video tag, but with much more power and flexibility.

Have a great weekend!

One More Day for FITC San Francisco Early Bird

It’s looking like FITC San Francisco is going to be awesome. The speaker lineup is bomber and the diversity of the sessions means that there’s going to be something for everyone. Plus the fact that we’re down in San Fran means you’ll get to see a lot of Adobeans in the halls. I’m going to be doing a talk on Geolocation and Mapping with the Flash Platform, a more in-depth version of what I did at Flash and the City.

The early bird tickets are available for one more day so definitely register soon and lock it in. You can spend the extra money on beer.